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Stepbrothers Stepping Out: Ultimate Collection
Author: Delilah Devlin


I’ve said this before… I didn’t begin my career writing short stories. In fact, I was already a well-published novelist when I took up the challenge to send a short story to an editor on an open call. That first story hooked me, and now, I’ve been a fan of the format for some time. I’ve had the great good fortune to edit a few collections of my own, as well as building a stock of personal shorts that I can share with readers.

Icing on the cake, for me, is writing stories that some might find taboo, and then making those who are unsure die-hard fans. Such was the case for my stepbrother stories. Well, here I am now with enough stories to fill a book!

I hope you enjoy my steplovers as much as I enjoyed writing them. As always, I can promise that even though the stories are short, they are not lacking in a satisfying story or passion. Bon appétit!

Delilah Devlin



With His Friends


I followed the sounds of masculine laughter and splashes, skirting the lake house and heading straight toward the dock. Anger fueled my steps. And hurt. Caleb knew I’d expected to spend time alone with him this weekend. This, our last chance to enjoy the cabin on the lake now that our parents were divorcing. The house where we’d spent so many summers growing up would be lost, and perhaps, so would my relationship with Caleb.

Who knew what the future held for us? We were both heading back to school in a few weeks, him to UT, me to Rice. There would be no more family reunions during the holidays, no more chances to share the same roof where our parents’ self-involvement had allowed so many opportunities for the two of us to be…well, involved.

As I approached the dock, I realized that the two young men with my brother were known to me. I’d dated both. Johnny Wills, “John Wayne” to his friends, and Bradley Tanner. How awkward. I could hardly blow hot all over my brother when both men knew only too well that, for me, anger flipped my sexy switch.

For two consecutive summers during high school, I’d dated one then the other. Both had been great boyfriends—attentive and fun to be around. Both had managed to romance me out of my clothes. Something Caleb had known, and had teased me ruthlessly about. But that had been before we’d acknowledged our own attraction. Hell, I’d even admitted that I’d let both of his buddies have me in the open air, arranging our trysts so that he would see.

My steps slowed. I contemplated turning and heading straight back to my car. Maybe I should call later to see when Caleb would be alone, but just as I began to turn, a whistle sounded.

“Hey, sugar!” John Wayne called from the water. He waved a long arm, beckoning me closer. “Caleb said you’d be here this weekend.”

This weekend. So he hadn’t told them we’d be there all week. Had Caleb lied, hoping we’d at least be able to spend the rest of the week we had away from school together? My anger dissipated a little. I moved forward, my hips beginning to sway more deeply, because all three male gazes were trained on me, and if I wasn’t mistaken, all three were watching me with hungry intent. What the hell was going on?

“Hi, John Wayne, Bradley,” I said, nodding to both as their arms moved at their sides to keep them in place in the deep water. Naked shoulders were sun-bronzed. Both looked good enough to eat. I turned to arch a brow at Caleb who swam closer to the dock. “I didn’t know you’d have company this weekend,” I said with a lazy drawl.

From beside the ladder, he gave me a crooked smile. “Didn’t think you’d mind.” He shook his hair and grabbed the first rung. “Why don’t you come in?”

That crooked smile wasn’t an apology. “My suit’s in the bottom of my suitcase.” With a glare, I warned him I still wasn’t happy about the company.

“Who needs a suit?” John Wayne called out. He placed his hands together and dove forward in the water, giving me a glimpse of pale buttocks.

My cheeks began to flush with heat.

Bradley laughed. “Now, I know you’re not shy. We’ll even look away as you strip.”

“What do you say, sis?” Caleb said, grinning. “It’s not like you’ve got anything we haven’t already seen.”

My jaw dropped just a little before I snapped it shut. Way to go outting us, asshole!

“You think we didn’t already know?” Bradley said, swimming closer. “Why do you think I didn’t ask you out last summer? Caleb said you were taken.” He gave a waggle of his eyebrows. “Besides, do you think I didn’t know he was watching us while we did it on the raft?”


“Tamara!” he said, then laughed. “You should see your face.”

John Wayne swam closer. “Look, hon, it’s just us. We’ve all had you. We’re all still friends. Don’t get your panties in a twist.” This time his eyebrows shot high. “Or do…because we know what happens then.”

I didn’t know what to say. Three handsome faces, all wearing sexy smiles, all their gazes trained on me like they were waiting for Mount Saint Helens to erupt. They knew I’d never back down from this dare. I hated being so damn predictable!

I glared at John Wayne and Bradley. “Well, turn the hell around!”

They did, and even swam toward the raft thirty feet from shore while I kicked off my flip-flops and tugged my tee from my shorts. I wagged my finger at my brother. “What were you thinking?” I whispered harshly. “You invited those two?”

Caleb still hung from the ladder and rose just high enough I could see his cock in the water. “I’ll miss this place. They will too. We were the three amigos.”

My gaze dropped. My fingers shook as I tugged my shirt over my head and shoved down my shorts. “You know what I thought when you invited me down.”

“And we’ll have plenty of time alone. After they leave.”

I drew a deep breath, shot a glance toward the raft, but the guys were still faced away. I reached behind me and unsnapped my bra, then quickly drew it off my arms. “And in the meantime?”

His gaze went straight to my breasts and stuck there. His tongue licked his bottom lip. “In the meantime,” he said, his voice roughening, “we can still have some fun. How much is entirely up to you.”

My thumbs halted at the sides of my hips. “What are you saying?”

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