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Lethal Game (Red Stone Security #15)(9)
Author: Katie Reus

Isa lifted an eyebrow. “Could just be nosiness.”

“Maybe.” But Graysen shook his head. “That was a ballsy move.”

“Yeah, she moved like a pro, too. Almost like she’s done this before.” Isa continued scanning Scott’s personnel file, noted that the woman had a high-level position in one of the design departments.

“I’m sure Emerson will have something for us soon,” Graysen said, speaking about Emerson as if he knew her.

Which for some reason grated on Isa’s nerves. Not because she thought he had a chance with the other woman—no, Emerson was smitten with a local detective—but because she’d come to think of Red Stone Security as her home, her people. It was weird to be working with Graysen, for multiple reasons. Because he’d said that he’d bow out of this job after a week if it became too uncomfortable for her. But he hadn’t said he’d stop working for Red Stone.

She wasn’t sure how she felt about that. About any of this. Because just being in the same room with him, breathing in his addictive, subtle masculine scent, made her a little bit crazy.

“I kept the dog,” he said abruptly. Graysen didn’t look at her as he focused on the display of video screens, scanning the various secret feeds he’d set up. She wasn’t certain where some of the feeds were coming from.

Isa blinked, taking a second to digest his words. He couldn’t mean… “Peaches?”

He nodded. “Yeah. She grew on me. She misses you, so if you ever want to stop by and see her, you’re welcome to.”

She blinked again. “Seriously? You’re stooping to using a dog to get in my good graces?”

Graysen’s lips perked up the slightest bit. He was clearly unapologetic. “I’ll use anything I can to get into your good graces. Including a sweet, adorable dog who would love nothing more than to see you. But I’m not lying. She’s currently with her dog sitter, probably soaking up sun on the beach or at the park.”

Isa looked away from him. Why the hell had he told her that? She’d loved that little mutt, Peaches. The little girl was a mix of who knew how many breeds, with gray and white fur, floppy ears, and weighed maybe ten pounds soaking wet. And Graysen had kept her?

She knew that the dog was originally part of his cover. He’d admitted as much after his operation blew up in his face. She couldn’t believe he’d kept Peaches. It was so obvious what he was trying to do—getting her to come over to his place and see his dog. A dog that she had dearly loved.

He was being so honest and blatant about what he wanted from her and she wasn’t sure how to deal with it. After the way he lied to her, betrayed her, being around him again in a new atmosphere had completely rocked her world on its axis. For all she knew, he was lying to get something else from her. Even as she had the thought, she simply couldn’t imagine what it would be, what he could hope to gain. He worked for Red Stone now. Had pulled strings to get this job, from all accounts. Just so he could work with her.

She just wanted to get through this job and put some space between them. Only one week, she reminded herself. Maybe then her life would go back to normal. She nearly snorted at the lie she tried to tell herself. Now that Graysen West was back in her life again, she knew things would never be normal again.



Chapter 5



Alan Persky watched on the video feed from the company’s security room as the pretty, dark-haired woman entered the lobby. It was the end of the day and the woman, Isa Johnson, was here at the behest of Hamilton. Hiring that bitch should have gone through him as well, but no one had mentioned it to Alan.

Hamilton could do what he wanted, he always did, but bringing someone in to “trim the fat,” especially someone who had the right kind of security clearance to work at this firm, even temporarily, was something Alan should have been informed about.

But Hamilton had been acting strange lately, almost secretive. Which wasn’t out of the realm of normalcy, but Hamilton never acted that way with him. Right now there was too much on the line to question the CEO, however.

Frowning, he watched as she exited the building. Her name was so common—Johnson. There were a billion Johnsons in the world. He’d already downloaded her resume and other necessary hiring files and planned to follow up on her, but he wished she wasn’t here at all.

Alan didn’t need somebody nosing around in any work files right now. Not when he was so close to finishing what he needed to, cashing out and leaving the country for good with the woman he loved. He’d fake his own death as well, but later, once he was long gone. There was the slimmest of chances that Johnson would find what he’d done and he couldn’t risk her stumbling upon it.

He could just kill her or have one of his men kill her, but that wouldn’t solve anything. It would only draw more attention to the company and his boss would just hire somebody new anyway. No, Alan would just keep an eye on her and make sure she didn’t get into anything she shouldn’t.

If she did, then she’d have to die.

The other new hire was the one who had him really worried: Garret Evans. There was something about Evans that bothered him on a bone-deep level, but he wasn’t certain what it was. All he knew was that he didn’t trust the guy. Hamilton had recently hired Evans as well, without running it by him first.

Alan had contemplated that Hamilton might know what he was up to, but if the old man did, Alan would already be in jail and facing charges of treason. If that ever happened, they’d throw him into a dark hole and never let him out. A dark shiver of fear snaked down his spine at the thought of getting caught.

No, he was just being paranoid because of everything on the line. They were getting close to the end of this job and he was letting his fear get the best of him.

Still, it never hurt to be careful. Not with so much at stake.

When the door behind him opened he half turned and nodded politely at one of the security guys coming back from a smoke break. He’d stopped by under the guise of an impromptu visit—as was typical of him to do. Considering his security clearance, when he offered to watch the feeds for a few minutes so the security guy could smoke, the twenty-something man had jumped at the chance. It was against protocol, but when he bent the rules people were usually okay with it. That was one of the benefits of his position with the company.

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