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Lethal Game (Red Stone Security #15)(3)
Author: Katie Reus

“Yeah, and you never let me forget it,” Harrison muttered.

Graysen lifted a shoulder. He wasn’t sorry. He’d do anything to get Isa back. Once she’d left him he’d gone into a downward spiral. After trying to get her to forgive him, apologizing too many times to count only to be shut out, he’d drowned himself in vodka for about a month until he’d realized he was being a giant pussy. He wasn’t just going to let her go. So he’d spent the last few months working on getting a huge contract to bring to Red Stone when he left the CIA. It had been a balancing act, getting this contract while still working for the government. But a lot of people owed him favors and he’d cashed in a ton of them. She was that important to him. Hell, she was the most important thing to him.

“If she refuses to work with you—”

“She won’t.”

Harrison eyed him over the top of his beer, his expression unconvinced. Harrison was a couple years younger than Graysen but he’d been a damn good agent back when they’d been in Black Ops together. They hadn’t worked together often, but Harrison was one of the few people Graysen truly respected. The man had a solid code of honor and he was a patriot. Maybe more of a Boy Scout than Graysen, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad trait.

Televisions blared inane sports bullshit above them and people were talking and laughing with no concern for anyone around them. Whereas he knew how many people were at the bar right now, the specific layout of the restaurant, how many exits there were—which were closest—and how many people were outside the window. No doubt Harrison could detail all that information as well.

“Mara’s pissed about the whole situation,” Harrison said.

“You told her?” He snapped out the words louder than he’d planned, but no one around them seemed to notice.

“Yep.” No apology from Harrison either.

“Is she going to tell Isa?” Because Harrison had made it clear to Graysen that Isa meant a lot to Mara. And Mara had been a spook too. Graysen wasn’t exactly sure which branch but he guessed MI6.

“No, but she wants to.”

“After tomorrow it won’t matter.”

“Look…just don’t get your hopes up about this.” For the first time since Graysen had known Harrison, the guy actually looked and sounded concerned. For him.

“About what?”

“About Isa. She’s never mentioned you, never mentioned an ex, nothing. And what you did was… I don’t know if you can come back from that.”

Graysen didn’t respond, just turned to stare out the window at the passing traffic and the bright lights of downtown Miami. Yeah, he’d screwed up good. That was the understatement of the century.

He’d infiltrated her father’s business, lied about who he was, seduced her and broken her heart—and inadvertently gotten her father killed.

If it was the last damn thing he did, he was going to make things right between them.



Chapter 2



Did you do what I told you to?

Isa shook her head as she read Mara’s text, a smile tugging at her lips. A man stepped up next to her, joining the crowd of people waiting for the elevator.

Her fingers flew across the screen. Yes, weirdo. You’re the only woman I know who would order me to dress sexy when going to a meeting with said woman’s own husband.

Mara had called her this morning and ordered her to wear something designed to make a man’s tongue fall out of his mouth. She hadn’t actually done what Mara had said because this was a professional environment, but she’d dressed up a little more than normal.

You’ll thank me later, came Mara’s responding text.

Is this about who I’m meeting with today? You know I don’t mix business and pleasure. So even if her new partner was sexy as sin it wouldn’t matter. He might as well be sexless. She didn’t have any interest in anyone, anyway. Not since… She swallowed hard, shutting that thought down.

“You look really familiar,” the man next to her said.

Since Mara hadn’t responded Isa tucked her phone into her purse and gave the man a neutral smile. When she looked at him, however, she realized she had seen him somewhere. The memory of that ‘meeting’ was disgusting. “I don’t think so,” she murmured. Yeah, she really didn’t want to talk to this guy.

“No, I’m really good with faces and I’m certain we’ve met before.” He watched her carefully, looking at her as if he was trying to decide if he’d seen her naked or not.

The guy’s whole demeanor was off-putting and she wondered if he was a new client for Red Stone. She certainly hoped not. “The reason I probably look familiar,” she said quietly, dropping her voice so that the others around them couldn’t hear, “is because I was at Club Bardot the other night and saw a prostitute give you a blow job right in the VIP section.” She’d been there following someone for one of her past jobs—seeing if there was another angle to being able to infiltrate the company. Meaning, potential bribery of an employee. She hadn’t had to use that angle, thankfully.

He blinked in clear surprise, but he didn’t seem embarrassed. “She wasn’t a prostitute.”

That was his response? She coughed to cover up an uncomfortable laugh. “Oh, I just assumed.”

He straightened, clearly not deterred. “Well, listen—”

She shook her head. “I’m not trying to be rude, but I literally had to see your dick against my will when you whipped it out for the entire VIP section to see. I don’t think we have anything to say to each other.”

Isa heard a woman snicker behind her and realized she hadn’t been as quiet as she’d thought. But seriously, it was too early in the morning for this. She hadn’t even had her coffee yet.

The guy shrugged, not even fazed. “Your loss.”

She snorted to herself. Yeah, she was sure she’d lose a lot of sleep over this guy. When two elevators’ doors opened, she slipped into the opposite one he got into. At thirty she was too young to be out of the dating game, but damn, if this was what was out there, she was fine being single. She hadn’t been in any state of mind to start dating again over the last year, and right about now she was glad for that.

As people streamed into the elevator, her phone dinged a few times in a row. Scrolling through her messages, all from work, she started responding as the car whooshed to life. A few people quietly talked amongst themselves but one by one everyone disembarked as the elevator rose higher and higher. Normally she made an effort to talk to people and be polite but this morning she didn’t have it in her.

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