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Lethal Game (Red Stone Security #15)(2)
Author: Katie Reus

“I watched you on the security feed today,” he said to her, his voice accusing.

“You hired me—us—to show you your company’s security flaws. What did you see when you watched me today?” They didn’t always tell their clients the day they’d be stealing the info, but sometimes they did to prove a point. Fairfax had been watching her like a hawk via a video feed on his laptop; had even had the security team on high alert today. Not for her specifically, just a general alert. But security hadn’t been watching very diligently after people went through their scans. And too bad for him—he hadn’t known about her partner. Something he should have thought of.

“You working like normal. You didn’t even take a proper lunch break. You didn’t take any company property out of the building and even left your cell phone at the main desk when you started work.”

“You’re right. However, I had a partner. Once I was free of the security scans, I just had to wait for him in the lobby to drop off what I’d already downloaded and stolen first thing this morning. I got in early so I could hack into one of the assistants’ computers. I used a manager’s code to access the info. From there it was simply a matter of getting it out of the building. I told my partner where the drive would be so he could pick it up. He avoided security because he is part of your security team.” So there was no electronic trail either, no real proof that any info had left the building. They never would have known they’d been robbed.

Fairfax’s expression went dark and he looked to Harrison for confirmation. “Partner?”

“You contacted me because you wanted to test your security. Don’t act surprised that I didn’t tell you all the measures we’d be taking. A real thief certainly wouldn’t tell you their plans. Her partner is one of my employees and has been working in your security department two weeks longer than Isa. You need stricter security protocols for the actual security department more than anything.” Harrison’s words were to the point.

“I’ve already started a list of measures you’ll need to take to lock things down more tightly. What you have now isn’t bad,” Isa said, softening her voice just a fraction. “You just need to strengthen things, that’s all. You did the right thing by hiring us.”

Fairfax straightened in his chair, nodding more to himself than them. His expression wasn’t as grim as it had been. “Well…I must admit I didn’t think you’d be able to steal anything this important, but I’d rather know now. Thank you both. If you’ll excuse me, I need to make a call.”

Isa turned to Harrison as Fairfax slid out of his chair. Once he was out of range she picked up a beer from the ice bucket and tipped it toward Harrison. “To another success.”

Half-smiling, he lifted his own beer. “He was so smug before you showed up, so sure you couldn’t steal from him.”

She snorted. “You look far too happy that we’ve disappointed him.”

“Heck yeah, I am. We just got a sweet bonus and…I have a new job for you. One I think you’ll find challenging.”


“Yep, but no details until tomorrow. I’ve assigned Antoine to an actual security detail for the next month so you’ll be working with a new partner.”

She wanted to grill him but knew better. Harrison could be very tight-lipped when he wanted. Since she knew he’d once been a spook, she figured even torture wouldn’t get the details out of him. “Fine. Unless you need me for anything else, I’m ready to get out of here.”

Shaking his head, he flicked a glance over her shoulder for the briefest of moments. Something strange flashed in his gaze. He looked almost annoyed. She turned around and saw Fairfax on the phone and a bunch of other random people. Nothing looked out of the ordinary.

“What’s up?” she asked, turning back to face him, wondering if she should be alarmed about something.

“Nothing. Just tired. Ready to wrap up with him and get out of here.” His espresso-colored eyes didn’t give away anything.

She slid off her chair, small purse in hand. “Then I’ll leave you to it. See you in the morning.”

As she skirted her way through the crowd her breath caught in her throat when she saw a familiar face through the group standing near the bar. When she blinked, however, he was gone.

Heart racing out of control, she inwardly cursed herself. Tall, Dark and Stupidly Handsome had never been there at all. What was the matter with her? He would have no business being in Miami—or anywhere in her vicinity.

She hadn’t thought about him in…a couple days. Which was a record for her. She’d been so busy working it had been easy enough to forget about the lying sack of shit who’d broken her heart a year ago.

Good thing for him that he wasn’t here. Because if he was, she’d have followed through with the violent impulse to punch him in his perfect face.

* * *

“Don’t give me that look,” Graysen snarled as he slid into the seat across from Harrison. He’d been waiting for that CEO to leave.

Harrison had started to respond when the bartender who’d been serving Graysen earlier approached the table. “You leaving the bar?”

“Yeah, joining a friend.” He tried not to snarl at her, since she was just doing her job. “I’ll close out my tab.” He pulled out a few bills and left them on the table. “Keep the change.”

Her eyes widened slightly but she just nodded and pocketed the money—then not so subtly left a piece of paper with her phone number on it in its place. “I get off in an hour.”

He didn’t respond as she left, but crumpled the paper up once he was sure she wasn’t looking and tossed it into the empty ice bucket. He didn’t want anyone but Isa.

“What were you thinking, showing up here?” Harrison’s voice was razor sharp.

“I had to see her.” Graysen knew he’d be meeting with Isa tomorrow, but the urge to get just a glimpse of her again in person was too much. The woman was his obsession. After a year of no contact, no hearing her voice, he was at his breaking point.

Harrison scrubbed a hand over his face, the action out of place on the normally stoic man. “She’s going to be pissed tomorrow.”

“She’ll get over it.” Isa had to. She had to forgive him. He couldn’t live with anything less. He wouldn’t. “And I’m bringing you a huge job.” Graysen had gone to Keith Caldwell instead of Harrison, asking Harrison’s father—also the founder of Red Stone Security—to hire him now that he’d left the Agency. He was more than qualified, but he didn’t just want a job. He wanted to specifically work with Isa. So he’d brought an exclusive government contract Red Stone wouldn’t want to turn down. It was practically tailored for Isa’s expertise. If she was forced to work with Graysen, he could remind her how good they’d been together. And he could work on getting her to forgive him. Which…was the biggest problem.

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