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Lethal Game (Red Stone Security #15)(13)
Author: Katie Reus

She didn’t like that she was affected by that look—and his mere presence. “That’s not an answer.”

“It’s the truth. I told you that if in one week you’re done with me, I’ll walk away from the job. We have six days left.”

“That doesn’t give you the right to just show up at my house unannounced.” But it was so typical Graysen. He could be incredibly pushy when he wanted. Which…she’d liked about him. Before. Back then she’d liked everything about him.

Before she’d discovered what a liar he was. Before her father had died.

“I know.”

“But you did it anyway?”

He leaned against the island in her kitchen, looking at ease here, as if he belonged. Or more likely that was just wishful thinking on her part. “Two people after Gina infiltrated your computer today. I wanted to make sure you were safe.” He said it as if he truly had been concerned about her. Which, okay, wasn’t actually a surprise.

“No one there knows who I really am.” She always took precautions when she worked on a Miami job. When she was out of town it was easier to maintain anonymity, but when she was in her own city she had to be careful for sensitive jobs. And the one they were on was definitely sensitive. People were afraid they might be losing their jobs because of her. Not only that, someone was stealing from the aeronautical company. Clearly some employees were going to be let go because three employees, including Gina Scott, had copied information from her laptop.

Isa still couldn’t believe the three of them thought she’d be stupid enough to just leave her laptop lying around unlocked. But given enough time and what they thought had been an opportunity, three individuals had sneaked into her office in the middle of the day. The only miracle was that they hadn’t run into each other while doing it. The video footage Graysen had gotten was pretty damning too.

“And I don’t think I was followed home.” Well, except by Graysen, but he might have just come to her house since he would have had her address. The man was too skilled at getting information to not know where she lived.

“You weren’t followed. Except by me.” He sounded positive about that, and if anyone would know, it would be him. She might not know what most of his training had entailed, but he’d worked for the CIA for eight years—and been in the Marine Corps before that. He’d certainly fooled her.

She stared at him for a long moment and tried to bury all the emotions that wanted to push their way to the surface. Emotions she should have buried long ago. He simply watched her right back with those bright blue eyes she could easily drown in. She’d gotten caught up in his gaze more than once in the past. It was like he ensnared her, and once she was hooked he was impossible to escape from.

Right now she had no idea what he was thinking. He had that neutral expression in place. The neutrality did nothing to hide the savage edge to the man. There were handsome men and then there were men like Graysen, who fell into their own category. He was good-looking, all right, and knew it. But there was an intangible edge to him that rolled off him in waves, warning he was trained and lethal. And…she liked that about him.

She cleared her throat, feeling unnerved by her physical reaction to him. “You don’t have to make sure I get home safely every night.” Because the thought of him coming into her home for the next week was too much to deal with. He was too much to deal with.

“You’re my priority.” His voice was low and somehow sensual.

“This job is the priority.”

“Not to me.” He rounded the island, closing the distance so only about four feet stood between them. Definitely not enough space.

Being this close to him had her entire body heating up and her nipples tightening. Stupid physical reaction! It was hard to remember to breathe when he was this close. All day she’d managed to maintain a certain distance from Graysen. Even when they’d been watching the video feeds together, she’d been so focused on work that it had been easier to tune out his presence. Obviously not completely, because he was Graysen. But still, easier.

Having him in her personal space, her domain, was jarring and messing with her head. And after what he’d just said? Yep, no response for that.

He took a step closer. “You want to have dinner together?”

Against her will, her gaze briefly strayed to his mouth. She mentally shook herself. “Not tonight.”

He took another step, his advances slow and precise. A patient panther, stalking its prey. “But another night?”

She cleared her throat again, willing her voice to work. “What do you think you’re doing?” She hated that her voice trembled, hated that he had a sort of power over her.

“I’ve got a week, Isa. I want to spend time with you when we’re not at work. I’ve missed you, thought about you every damn day.” The sincerity in his eyes pierced her. He lifted a hand as if he wanted to touch her, but quickly dropped it.

Yeah, well, she wanted a lot of things, mainly to rewrite the past so they didn’t have such a shitty history. And she didn’t want to be affected by him. Not only that, she’d never agreed to see him after work hours. “Call or text me, then. Don’t just show up at my house.” If he did that, she could just blow him off.

He opened his mouth but her cell phone buzzed in her purse, the sound music to her ears. Turning away from him, she grabbed it, glad to see Emerson’s name on the screen.

“Hey,” she said, answering on the second ring.

“Hey yourself. I’m heading out for the day but just sent updated files to both you and Graysen on the three top suspects.”

Isa wasn’t surprised Emerson was just now leaving work. The woman always worked late. She also got to work from home sometimes and had leeway with her schedule—and got paid very, very well for her skills. “Thanks for letting me know.”

“They’ve all got interesting financials, but take a good look at Gina Scott.”

“Will do.”

“I’ll be in later tomorrow, probably around ten, but I’ll have my phone on me if you need me.”

“Okay. Tell your dad hi for me.”

She could practically hear Emerson smiling through the phone. “I will. He said thanks for the popcorn tin and wants to know when to expect more.”

Isa smiled, glad he’d enjoyed it. “I’ll get more in time for Christmas.”

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