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Lethal Game (Red Stone Security #15)
Author: Katie Reus

Chapter 1

Isa looked at her phone screen, pretending to check her email as she waited for her partner to make the drop-off. He was five minutes late.

Which wasn’t out of the realm of normalcy for him.

But today was the final day of their job and they were already cutting it close. She had to smuggle the necessary information out and they’d be done. Finally. She liked the temp jobs she took, especially since she got to steal all sorts of interesting stuff, but she was ready to get out of this place. Two weeks was longer than normal for a job.

“Marci,” a familiar male voice called out, using her fake name, forcing her to look up. She’d already gone through the body scanner and if her freaking partner would hurry up, she could get the flash drive and be gone. She only had eight more minutes until she had to be out of the building and meet her boss.

She pasted on a pleasant smile even though she knew Brent was going to ask her out. Again. Guy needed to learn to take no for an answer. “Hey, you leaving already?”

He nodded, his smile a little too big. “Yeah, about to grab some drinks for happy hour at Instant Replay. What about you?”

The sports bar was a few blocks away so she wouldn’t have to worry about running into him, thankfully. “I’m meeting with friends.” She kept her answer as neutral as possible. As far as looks went, the man was attractive. About six feet, dark hair, dark eyes, in good shape, maybe seven or eight years older than her. He was successful too, the VP of one of the marketing departments of the agricultural company. But he was pushy and she didn’t like that. Who was she kidding? She didn’t want to date anyone right now. Not after the way her heart had been broken a year ago.

“If you want to meet up with me when you’re done, I’ll be out for a couple hours…” As he continued talking she spotted Antoine, her partner, in her peripheral vision.

He was a new member of the security team at the agricultural company so he didn’t have to go through the scanners. Technically he was supposed to, but the security here was lax and the guys who were watching everyone didn’t follow all the rules.

It was definitely a problem the company needed to fix. Lucky for her they hadn’t yet. But they would after today, she was certain. The owner had hired Red Stone Security—where she really worked—to literally steal from them.

Antoine rolled his eyes at Brent’s back. Yeah, he didn’t like the guy either. Whenever they worked jobs together he was always protective. Actually he was protective of women in general, something she adored about him.

Since Isa and Antoine weren’t supposed to know each other she didn’t acknowledge him, just moved to the side ever so slightly, giving Antoine his opening. They’d worked together enough that she knew exactly what he would do to get Brent off her back.

In a seemingly clumsy trip, Antoine shoulder-bumped Brent, dropping his coffee onto the floor. The dark liquid spilled on Brent’s shoes, creating a pool. “Sorry, man.” Antoine’s expression was full of remorse as he turned toward Brent.

At the same moment he slid his hand behind his back, handing off the flash drive to Isa with practiced efficiency. He continued with his apology, practically shoving himself in Brent’s face and offering to help clean up—giving Isa her escape.

“Gotta run, Brent,” she said, her heels clicking across the tile of the lobby floor as she made a beeline for one of the glass doors. Time was ticking down. She and Antoine only got their bonus if she made it to the meeting by or before the deadline.

She heard Brent call out her name, but ignored him as she pushed open the door. A cool rush of air rolled over her. December in Florida was milder than most places but the change in season was much needed from the sweltering summer they’d had.

The neon sign of the sports bar across the busy four-lane street flashed blue and red, advertising happy hour prices. Once there was an opening in traffic she raced across the street. Jaywalking was the least of her crimes today.

As she reached the other sidewalk she could see Harrison Caldwell through one of the huge windows, sitting at a high top table with Kenneth Fairfax, CEO of the company she’d just stolen from.

Harrison glanced at her and raised his eyebrows. No doubt he’d give her grief later about how close she was cutting it.

She just pursed her lips and hurried through the front door. Ignoring the hostess’s attempt to seat her, she made her way through the crowd of loud men and women until she reached the window table.

Fairfax startled in his seat to see her. “Ms. Harper.”

She nodded once and set the flash drive on the table. “You need to reevaluate your security, Mr. Fairfax.”

Frowning, he looked at the small black flash drive. “What is this?”

“Very sensitive information, including new info for a patent on wheat.” She might not understand all of the science behind what she’d stolen, but it had been carefully secured in their system. Which meant it was important.

He still hadn’t touched it. “You’re scanned every day when you leave,” he said, his expression disbelieving.

“I am.” She tilted her chin at the drive. “See what I left the building with, then let’s talk.” She nudged Harrison with her elbow. “Forget your manners?”

He just snorted and moved over so she could sit while Fairfax plugged the flash drive into his tablet.

“Cutting it close,” Harrison murmured.

She just smiled sweetly. She was on time. That was all that mattered.

He frowned again and she knew he wanted to ask her if Brent had been bothering her, but he wouldn’t say anything in front of Fairfax. Harrison could go all protective male sometimes. Something about the men of Red Stone Security—they were all ridiculously alpha.

Harrison always treated her like a kid sister, something she secretly liked since she didn’t have any siblings. Harrison and his wife Mara had pretty much taken her under their wing a year ago when she started working for Red Stone, and she adored both of them. Most people at work were scared of Harrison but she didn’t understand why. Especially since Isa had seen the way he was with his wife and his nephew. The guy was a giant teddy bear where they were concerned.

She lifted a shoulder while Fairfax clacked away on his tablet. After a long moment, Fairfax cleared his throat, his face pale as he removed the flash drive and tucked it into his pocket.

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