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Mexican Heat (Crimes & Cocktails #1)(5)
Author: Laura Baumbach

The broad, blunt tip unexpectedly changed angle and grazed over his prostate. Gabriel cried out and tried to slam his ass down on that rigid pole, but powerful hands kept him from doing any damage to himself. Instead, he had to be content with the slow, slapping, snapping movement of the stranger’s hips and measured thrusts.

Gabriel whimpered. Yes. This was it. The feeling of being overpowered, mastered.

Another pass over his prostate sent a charge of electricity crackling up Gabriel’s spine. His breath caught raggedly.

“So…g—” He changed it mid sentence. “Harder,” he ordered.

“What, is it your first time—” He swallowed on the words as another deep thrust followed, intensifying the burn.

A low growl vibrated through his body, and Gabriel shook with the intensity of his body’s response; he felt like he was having some kind of seizure. He’d never felt anything as intense as this.

As good as this.

Too good. He needed to end this soon and get away from this man. Because he could get addicted to this kind of sexual high.

But if he worked it just right, he’d never even have to look at the man’s face again—never have to meet his eyes. Gabriel pressed his face into the grain of the desk and gave himself over to the blinding pleasure of the moment, savoring it.

Another deep thrust made bright lights dance behind his closed eyelids. His skin felt prickly and much too hot, the sparse hair on his lithe body standing up erect and stiff as his cock. A tight sizzle crawled up his balls and over his stretched asshole toward his spine—and suddenly his body was empty. The bastard had pulled out.

A strangled cry of protest escaped his dry lips. But powerful hands closed on his waist. He was on his back, supine on the desktop before he knew what was happening.


“What the hell—” To his astonished dismay, the big stranger hauled off Gabriel’s cowboy boots and tossed them aside, then yanked his jeans the rest of the way down and off.

He smacked at the other man’s dark head, his fist grazing a dark-shadowed jaw. But his “lover” put an end to that, grabbing his hands and pinning them over his head.

“You sonofabitch,” Gabriel spat. “No!”

Powerful body poised over Gabriel’s, the man waited, still and quiet. Unable to resist that silent command, Gabriel slowly raised his eyes.

Inches away, a pair of sooty-fringed, dark chocolate eyes stared warmly into his own. They were so close Gabriel could see the ring of the black pupils and the fine crystal-like black lines through the irises. The whites were clear, clean, and bright.

Laugh lines crinkled at the corners of the lids. There was passion, yes, but intelligence and humor and tenderness in that look as well. Too much. Way too much. Gabriel averted his eyes, but after a moment he looked back into that worldly, knowing stare.

Firm lips brushed tiny silken kisses over Gabriel’s chin and down his jaw, then the man murmured in a low, liquid voice.

“Oh yes, gatito.” A sharp nip stung the edge of his jaw. “I want to watch your face quiver as I take you. I want to see those cynical eyes roll up in your pretty head when I make you come.” A wet tongue darted over Gabriel’s mouth, tasting him—only to withdraw when he moved to return the touch. “I want to hear your soft, kitten purrs of contentment when I’ve fucked you senseless.”

Gabriel laughed shakily. “Man, you are one crazy motherfu—”

The words strangled in his throat as the man licked then sucked at his Adam’s apple. Gabriel heard himself give another of those helpless pleading sounds. Embarrassment flushed his face, and he closed his eyes to block out the man’s amused smile.


“No, no. Eyes open.” The rasped words brought Gabriel’s eyelids flitting open. His gut clenched at the grinding rub of the big man’s slick cock over his spread, eager, empty hole.

Gabriel watched the man’s handsome, absorbed face as he once more invaded Gabriel’s ass. Panting and dizzy with the speed of that sudden fullness, his eyes widened to meet the stranger’s sultry stare.

Something in that gleaming, discerning gaze hypnotized him, held him captive just as tightly as his body was held prisoner by the man’s physical strength. He felt suddenly, vulnerably naked.

Naked from the inside out.

“Beautiful,” the man murmured. “Mi pequeño gato encantador travieso. My wicked, lovely cat.”

“Christ, will you just shut up and do it?” He arched, forcing the cock inside him deeper.

The man rotated his hips with great deliberation, thrusting deep inside Gabriel’s channel. Somehow the grinding angle of those lean, muscular hips forced the tight ring of muscle at Gabriel’s opening still wider. He was stretched and stroked over and over.

The dual sensation had Gabriel writhing on the desk, crying out helplessly.

And the bastard fucking him had the gall to whisper more sweet and soothing things to him. As though he were courting him.

A buzzing sensation started in the tip of Gabriel’s cock, zapped down the aching length, blazing through his balls and flashing up his spine. For one dizzy, perilous moment Gabriel thought he was either going to black out or burst into tears. Now that was a first.

Against his will, Gabriel laughed, a breathless, giddy gasp.

And the other bent, licking Gabriel’s parted lips. His chin bumped against Gabriel’s and he licked at his captive’s lips again, silently, unexpectedly asking permission to claim them.


Gabriel lurched up to seal their mouths together. The click of teeth and the faint taste of blood added a dangerous, dirty element to this kiss that should never have happened. He knew better. Christ. Kissing! But he was never going to see the bastard again. He might as well get all he could from the encounter.

So Gabriel made his mouth hard and his kiss grinding, rejecting the sweetness offered him. The other slid his tongue down Gabriel’s throat, turning the kiss into plundering. And Gabriel relaxed into it; this he understood. He submitted to the hot, wet tongue rudely testing every inch of his mouth, exploring palate, teeth and lips, tongue dueling lazily with Gabriel’s own.

The desk rocked and slid a few inches across the floor, as the thrusts into Gabriel’s body grew more rapid and frenzied.

Teetering on the brink of climax, Gabriel couldn’t stop his cry of protest when abruptly the rhythm changed.

“What are you doing to me? You sonofabitch—” He was incoherent with frustration.

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