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Panther's Promise(17)
Author: Zoe Chant




Irina tucked her face into Grant’s neck, completely incapable of wiping the silly grin from her face. Or even stopping the giggles that still burst out of her every time she thought she’d pushed them back.

Her head was spinning, and it had nothing to do with the wine she’d had at dinner. It was the dinner, and Grant’s burning eyes, and his ridiculous show with the metal door, and—and all of it. Everything.

It was all wonderful.

And Grant himself was the best of all.

She peeked up, meaning to look around now they were out of the elevator, but found her face turning to his. One glimpse of pale carpet and creamy walls, and then him. She was close enough to his razor-sharp cheekbones that she could have kissed them. So she did.

Grant groaned, so deeply she could feel his chest reverberate against her breasts. The noise and the sensation sent a thrill of arousal directly between her legs. When she looked up again, it was straight into Grant’s eyes. His pupils were so huge they almost blotted out the green entirely.

“One more minute,” he begged. “My keys—”

Irina wriggled against a hard lump that was pressing into her upper thigh. She’d thought that it was too high up to be… well.

“Found them,” she said, and slipped one hand from his shoulders to ease the keyring from his jacket pocket.

“Mmmph,” he replied, his voice muffled by her lips. She kissed him hungrily, reveling in the contrast between the softness of his lips and the rough scratch of his stubble. Nimble fingers plucked the keys from her hand and a moment later she was pressed up against a door, her body rubbing even closer against Grant’s, and then they were both tumbling inside.

For one breath-taking moment, Irina thought they would fall, but then Grant’s entire body seemed to flex so that they stayed upright. She stared into his lust-blackened eyes and loosened her thighs’ grip on his waist. Her body slid against his, slowly, slowly, until she felt the hard length of his cock.

Oh, it was much bigger than the lump his keys had made. But just as hard. Irina bit her lip and looked up at Grant through her eyelashes. He stared back, eyes hungry, but didn’t pull her closer to him. There was a shade of uncertainty in his face.

“Do you—should we—?” he asked, and Irina shut him up with another kiss. There was only one question she wanted an answer to.


Grant’s face cleared. “God, yes.”

“All right, then. You’ll have to show me the way…” Irina broke off as Grant picked her up and launched into what was practically a sprint, with her in his arms. God, he was so strong.

She caught her breath as Grant pushed through another door and came to a stop. Irina dropped her head back and saw, upside-down, a massive bed towering with fluffy pillows and thick comforters.

One of Grant’s hands slipped behind her neck. At the same time, his own head dipped forward, and as he pulled her slowly back upright he pressed his lips to her breast, her collarbone, her neck…

By the time he reached her lips, Irina was dizzy with lust.

“Please,” she murmured against his lips, “don’t make me beg.”

His mouth curved beneath hers. “As you wish.”

She barely had time to register that he had changed his grip on her body before her back hit the pillowy bed. She raised herself up on her elbows, ready to hurl herself back up at the strong, powerful man standing at the end of the bed, but before she could move, he was on her.

Irina raised both hands to his chest, running her fingers across the hard planes of his pecs and up and over his shoulders. She pulled him against her, or herself against him—it didn’t matter. All that was important was that her mouth found his. She ran one thumb across his jawline, and felt as much as heard the moan that tore from his throat.

She tangled her hands in his hair, deepening the kiss. This was—this was just kissing, but it was so much better than any kiss she’d ever shared with anyone before. Grant’s tongue flickered expertly against hers, teasing, taunting. And his teeth—

Irina moaned as Grant’s teeth grazed her lower lip. He responded to her pleasure, nipping her lip lightly, and then soothed it with another lingering kiss.

She was breathless by the time their lips parted. Grant looked down at her, his eyes heavy-lidded and burning with need.

Irina wriggled, sinking deeper into the soft, enveloping bed. Grant’s arms pressed down on either side of her, his biceps clear even through the fabric of his shirt. All that existed in the world were the clouds of bedding, the hot, heavy presence of Grant above her—and his eyes, burning into her own.

He shifted his weight onto one arm and slid the other under her, the pliant knit fabric of her dress catching under his fingers. Irina groaned in frustration. His touch was wonderful, it made her heart flutter, her pulse pound—but he was only touching her dress.

It wasn’t enough. It wasn’t nearly enough. She had felt his cock against her in the corridor, and even the thought of that now—oh, she wanted him so, so badly. She was wet already, every nerve in her body singing out for him to claim her.

She buried her face in Grant’s neck, trailing kisses down to his collarbone. He gripped her hip, his fingers digging in as she scraped her teeth along his skin, the same way he had teased her.

“What did I say about making me beg?” she murmured, her tongue darting out to taste him. He held her tighter, both arms winding around her now, one hand sliding up her thigh and pushing her dress aside.

Irina gasped as Grant traced tantalizing circles on her stomach. He moved lower, slowly, so slowly she almost groaned, flexing her hips up to encourage him further down.

His breath tickled her ear. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes,” she gasped, and then: “Oh, God, yes!”

Grant’s fingers slid under the waistband of her panty hose, under her panties, and brushed against her clit. Irina bit her lip as sensation coursed through her, not just between her legs, but everywhere, like lightning sparking across her skin. Her breathing grew ragged as he pushed one finger inside her slick folds, and then another. His thumb found her clit and circled slowly. Excruciatingly slowly. Too slowly.

And his fingers were wonderful, but they weren’t what she really wanted.

She surged against him, pulling his face down to hers. “I want you inside me,” she demanded, and the answering glint in his eyes made her whole body thrill. She clenched around his fingers—she was so close, so close…

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