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Finding Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #1)(17)
Author: Siobhan Davis

   All those clothes and not a single pair of jeans in sight. None of them is anything I’d ever pick for myself. Cute dresses, skirts, and tops are not my usual style. I’m much more of a jeans and tee type of girl.

   “Faye?” Courtney drags me back into the moment. “Did you hear me?” A note of frustration enters her tone.

   “Sorry, Courtney. I was a million miles away.”

   She gives me a stiff smile. “I said do you need anything else?”

   “No, I’m good.” I tuck my hair behind my ears. I’m not going to appear ungrateful. I brought enough jeans to see me through the next few months, so I’ll manage. “Thanks so much. I appreciate you doing all that for me.”

   “It’s my job.” She’s decidedly snippy all of a sudden, and I detect a trace of bitterness. It’s almost imperceptible, and most would probably miss it, but I have an uncanny ability to pick up on stuff like that.

   Mom used to say I was a shrewd people watcher, a good judge of character.

   There was a time when I might’ve agreed, but after what happened, I realized the brutal truth: I was actually a terrible judge of character.



Chapter Eight


   Dinner is a pretty awkward affair. James must’ve decided to invent his own version of twenty questions as he launches into a lengthy interrogation, asking me all about my school and my friends back home. I notice he steers clear of any topic involving my parents. I’m not sure if that’s for my benefit or his. Kalvin smirks every time I speak. Kyler studiously ignores me, and Kent looks bored to tears. Keaton is the only one who engages in conversation with us.

   I offer to serve dessert purely to take a break from the tension at the table. I’m instantly suspicious when Kalvin hops up to help. I’m slicing the cake when I feel a slight pressure against my leg. Kalvin leans around me to slide plates onto the counter. His body pins me from behind, and his hand lands heavily on my upper thigh. I shriek and every head at the table turns in my direction. Kalvin’s hand rubs up and down my thigh as he laughs quietly.

   Is this his idea of a joke?

   I decide to call his bluff. “I think it’s rather foolish to feel me up while I’m in possession of such a big knife.” I speak clearly, brandishing the sharp utensil in the air. “And you should know I’m not opposed to using it.”

   The bench screeches as James shoves it back, stalking around the island unit toward his son. There’s a thunderous look on his face. Kalvin steps back, holding up his hands in defeat. “Chill, Dad. It’s hardly my fault if Faye has no sense of humor.” I whip around and glare at him. “You know I was only kidding.”

   “Try that again and I’ll cut it off.” I slice the knife through the air to drive my point home.

   James gently takes my wrist and removes the knife from my grip.

   “My hand or my dick,” Kalvin asks, seeming unperturbed.

   “That’s it. Out now.” James stabs a finger in the direction of the door.

   Reaching around me, Kalvin grabs a piece of cake and stuffs half of it in his mouth before sidling back over to the table, blatantly ignoring his father. He drops onto the bench beside Kyler, grinning at me through a mouthful of chocolate crumbs. He sticks his middle finger up at James, and he sighs in exasperation.

   Shaking my head, I hand the plates around.

   I’ve only taken a couple of spoonsful of cake when something warm brushes against my leg. My eyes dart to Kalvin automatically. His devilish grin tells me all I need to know. I narrow my eyes at him as his foot starts stroking up and down my calf. His gaze is challenging. This guy does not know when to quit.

   Let’s bring it.

   My move.

   Under the table, I slip my foot out of my sandal and discreetly angle my body forward. Very slowly, I lick the chocolate cake remnants from the back of my spoon in deliberate, seductive strokes. At the same time, I stretch my leg out and begin a journey up the inside of his leg. Kalvin’s eyes pop wide and he jumps a little, but his eyes stay locked on my tongue. Kyler glances sideway at him, following his gaze to mine. He surveys us intensely. Keaton and James are chatting away, and Kent is staring off into space, totally oblivious to anything around him.

   I move my foot higher and higher, and a dark glint flashes in Kalvin’s eyes. His smile is mocking. He doesn’t think I’ll follow through. He’s about to find out that I don’t back down from a challenge. My foot hits that sensitive area between his legs and he gasps. I can’t hide my smile. I curl my toes as my foot makes a circular motion back and forth across his hardening length. A teasing smirk plays across my lips as I quicken the pace. The mocking quality is missing from Kalvin’s stare now, replaced by something much darker. I move my foot even faster, and he squirms in his seat. Kyler’s eyes drop to Kalvin’s lap, and I know he can see what’s going on, but his expression doesn’t falter. Kalvin jumps in his seat, rattling the table, and James levels a perplexed look at his son.

   “You okay over there, Kalvin? You seem awfully jumpy tonight.” I don’t know how I manage to say it with a straight face.

   He looks almost pained as he grits out, “Peachy.”

   When it’s obvious he’s almost at the point of no return, I pull my leg back and sit up straighter in my chair.

   Now, that’ll teach him.

   The look in his eyes shifts, and he scrambles out of his seat as if there’s a nuclear-charged rocket up his ass. “Uh, bathroom.” He dashes from the room as I clamp a hand over my mouth to stop myself from exploding.

   Kyler faces away but not before I see a slight smile tug up the corners of his mouth.

   Kalvin may have won round one, but I’ve nailed this one.


   “Can I talk to you?” I ask James the next morning after we’ve all finished eating breakfast.

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