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Fated (Pyte/Sentinel #5)(6)
Author: R.L. Mathewson


“What do you want to discuss that we haven’t already talked about?”


He shrugged casually. “Oh, not much. Just this and that.”


“This and that?”


Drew nodded.


“For starters, the next time that any other wolf, especially from my own Pack, lays so much as a finger on you, I will rip his throat out,” he said with a calm that he definitely wasn’t feeling. He’d already handled the overeager pups that had touched her before he came here tonight, prepared to kill the demon that thought he was going to get his horns rubbed raw.


She rolled her eyes. “Puhlease.”


“Next, and this is the most important part so listen up,” he said, knowing that he was pissing her off with his tone. Good. He was well and truly pissed already so she might as well join him. “You will not, and I repeat, not have sex with anyone but me.”


She fucking laughed!


Then just as suddenly she sobered up. “Oh, you were serious.” Her face scrunched up adorably before she added, “That’s just sad.”


“What is?” he asked warily.


“Well, for starters we both know that if you could still get that up,” she said with a bored sigh, gesturing absently towards his crotch, “that you would be at this very moment between the legs of some bar skank.”


He smiled. He really couldn’t help himself. “Been watching me?”


“No!” she said quickly, a little too quickly.


His smile widened. “You know my usual preference.”


She crossed her arms over that rather generous chest that was making him drool. He’d already been horny before he came to the club tonight and now he was getting close to desperate. He didn’t know how much longer he could last, but he prayed that they could get this over with quickly so that they could get to the sex part of their relationship.




“It’s not really all that difficult to figure out when I see a long line of women standing in line for a chance to get in your bed,” she said with a little innocent shrug and a sigh. He grinned smugly at that announcement. Really, what man wouldn’t smile when hearing something like that?


“Only to see those same women the next morning standing outside in the line at the free clinic laughing and doing this,” she continued as she held up those two damn fingers again and he would swear it was less than a half an inch this time!


His smug smile instantly disappeared. “Hey! I’m clean!” he snapped even though they both knew that shifters couldn’t carry human diseases.


Wait, he’d left something out…something important. Oh yeah. “And my dick’s not small! So, stop doing that!”


She yawned. “Yeah, whatever you say. Listen there, cupcake, you’re going to have to leave. I have to get to bed soon. I have work tomorrow,” Kara mumbled, looking bored as she gestured with a flip of her hand for him to leave.


He shook his head. They needed to come to terms quickly or he was pretty sure that he was going to die from blue balls, a rather terrifying medical condition for men like him, who were never meant to go more than a day without sex.


“No, we need to set up some kind of arrangement that will work for both of us,” he explained, hoping like hell that she couldn’t hear the desperation in his voice.


She chuckled without humor. “Come on, Drew. We both know that if the tables were turned you’d be laughing at me all while you were humping everything that moved.”


Well, that was true, but still…


“No, we’re both in this situation. I'm not going to remain fucking neutered for the rest of my life and you're going to want babies. Plus, you're going to need me soon when you go into heat,” he pointed out triumphantly, trying not to lick his lips as he stood there fantasizing about that moment when she would get on her hands and knees and beg him to put her out of her fucking misery by fucking her to end what was supposedly one of the worst things a female shifter could go through.


First mating heat.




Kara held up a hand to stop him before he could piss her off any further.


Damn it!


She hadn't thought about that other little problem that this damn mating brand on her wrist created. In an hour, a few days, or weeks she would go into heat early. Unlike her regular fertile heat, which was six months away and required her to isolate herself for nine days, this was a mating heat, the first mating heat.


From what she'd heard and seen it was intense. Where a normal heat could make a female desperate, a mating heat could turn a prude into a nympho. Her usual game plan of taking time off from work to lock herself away in her apartment with a vibrator and a box full of batteries wasn’t going to work this time. Using a human male like she had when she was younger wouldn't work either since she'd just end up killing him from exhaustion or end up more frustrated.


She could use a demon, but they tended to get clingy if you had sex with them more than once. Having sex with an unmated male werewolf was her only choice. Unfortunately, since she didn't want to be responsible for some poor bastard's death, because she was in heat and stuck with the asshole, that was no longer an option.


Well, it seemed that her only choice was to take some time off from work when it hit. Hopefully, her boss wouldn't fire her ass. She would have to rent a cabin somewhere isolated like so many other females did and hope that the first real heat wasn't as bad as everyone claimed it was. There was no way that she was going to stay in the city where she was vulnerable when it hit.


Her gaze ran over the arrogant manwhore again and she inwardly snorted. She really didn't see herself getting so desperate that she'd willingly spread for him. Besides, she didn’t have any plans of being anywhere near him when she finally went into her first mating heat.


A female in heat usually had the ability to turn the men around her into slobbering idiots. A mated female in heat had the ability to send her mate into a lust filled rage. He'd do anything to have her. If they hadn't mated by the first heat it was supposed to be intense, too intense. It was also when a very small number of mates marked each other, fully accepted each other as their chosen mates.

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