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Fated (Pyte/Sentinel #5)(5)
Author: R.L. Mathewson

Drew looked like he wanted to kill her, which was probably true. Everyone knew the man adored sex. So, this mating between them was probably the cruelest thing that fate ever conspired.


Oh well, she thought with an inward shrug.


“Now, if you’ll excuse me, one of us has to get laid tonight.” With that she left the bathroom. Not twenty seconds later she heard glass shatter followed by a terrifying roar. She shouldn’t smile. Really, she shouldn’t, but she couldn’t help herself.




Five hours later she was dragging her exhausted ass into her small apartment. She was so tired. Why had she stayed there for so long? Oh, that’s right, to mess with Drew’s head.


She really couldn’t remember ever laughing so hard in her life as she watched woman after woman offer to share Drew’s bed for the night. He glared at her each and every time when a woman made it obvious how much they wanted to spend the night in his bed and each and every time he had to send them away. It was either that or let them find out that his equipment no longer functioned properly.


At least not for anyone but her.


Perhaps she shouldn’t have been so blatant about dancing with as many men as she had. She may have stepped over a line or two when she was grinding away with two males from Drew’s Pack right in front of him, but it had been fun to see him being dragged out of his own club before he could kill one of them.


The cherry on top of it all was making him think that she was going home with a very hot demon while he had to go home and reminisce about all the sex he would never have again. Ah, if only he hadn’t been such an asshole to her and so many others over the years she might feel bad for him.


Might, but didn’t.


Besides, she would never accept a mate or spread her legs simply because she felt bad for him. She’d always hoped for a mate that she could truly love. Something her parents never had, but something that she’d always wanted for herself. Oh well, it was no big deal. At least now she knew who her mate was so she could focus on her life and move on.


The scent of that delicious casserole that she'd been thinking about all night hit her hard as she closed the front door behind her. It smelled so good. Wait, she sniffed again. It smelled warm. That was wrong since she’d placed the bowl in the fridge over seven hours ago.


She unleashed her claws and fangs as she moved towards her small kitchen. Another sniff let her know that she was not alone. There was another shifter in her apartment. Before she could figure out anything else, the door to her small kitchen swung open and the biggest asshole that she’d ever had the misfortune of meeting sauntered into her living room carrying a plate of chicken and rice casserole in one hand and a Coke in the other.


Without a word, he walked past her, sat down on her couch, placed the plate and drink on her small coffee table before turning the television to the sports channel. He pulled her small coffee table closer so that he could eat without making a mess. That was something, she had to admit. She’d hate to have to clean casserole and blood off her rug all in the same night.


“What are-”


He cut her off. “Just let me finish eating and then I’ll be right with you,” he said absently while his entire focus was on the game. She was so stunned that all she could do was stand there in shock for a few minutes while he devoured her food. Every few minutes he would curse under his breath when he heard a score that he didn’t like, making her roll her eyes, because males were just pathetic.


“Ah, hello?” she finally said, deciding that enough was enough and they needed to end this game of his before she was forced to rip his throat out.


“Hold on. I’m going to need my energy so let me finish eating.”


“Energy for what?” she demanded as she finally came to her senses and stepped in front of the television. “And what the hell are you doing here?”


He finished her dinner with an exaggerated sigh. “For the all night sex marathon that you and I are going to have,” he simply said, sounding a little irritated that she wasn’t on board with his plan yet.


She blinked.


Then she blinked again with the hopes that she’d misunderstood him, but then she realized that she hadn’t.


Within seconds she was laughing her ass off until she was forced to lean against the wall for support or risk falling flat on her face. Finally after several minutes she was able to wipe the tears away from her eyes and focus her attention back on him.


“Hey!” she snapped as he started eating her apple crisp with a large scoop of ice cream on top. When the hell had he gotten up? Damn it, she needed to start paying attention to the sneaky bastard. “That’s mine!”


“You’ll be happy in a little while when I have the extra energy to take you all night,” he said absently with a shrug as though he was offering to do her a favor.


The bastard.


She pressed her fingers to her forehead. “Oh my God, you need to leave now before I hurt you.”


“I’m not into rough sex, sorry.”


“Wow…,” she said, because seriously, what else was there left to say?


Another shrug.


“No, seriously, wow. You really need to leave.”





Drew finished the last bite of apple crisp and prayed that she cooked him meals like this before and after every time he fucked her for the rest of their very long lives. That alone would make this little entrapment worth it. Well, almost. He was still going to miss the variety after all. He’d never slept with the same female twice. It was going to take some time getting used to not having his pick of women.


He leaned back and studied her for a long moment. Oh yeah, she was getting ready to claw his eyes out. That was really too bad. They were trapped in this situation and if he was going to suffer then she was going to suffer right alongside of him.


“Perhaps we should talk about a few things?” he suggested. Since he was feeling a bit calmer now that he knew that she hadn’t slept with that fucking demon, he could be generous and talk to her for a few minutes before he fucked her.

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