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Fated (Pyte/Sentinel #5)(4)
Author: R.L. Mathewson


Gods fucking dammit!


She smiled sweetly down at Ryan before patronizingly patting him on the head. He could tell that Ryan was doing everything that he could to stop himself from lunging at Kara for humiliating him like this. Furious, Drew moved in with a snarl to defend his Beta when one of the foolish human males that she’d been dancing with tripped over his own two feet and fell into her, knocking her down.


On pure instinct, and not because he cared, because he really didn’t, he reached out and caught her before she hit the ground. Just as he was setting her back down on her feet he felt it.


A searing pain tearing through his wrist.


“No!” he roared as he shoved her away, not caring that he’d sent her stumbling into another human.


He yanked back his shirtsleeve and stared numbly at the new black tattoo on his wrist, a trinity mark. This mark was original. Every mating mark was unique to each pair and this one meant…


This one meant…




He nearly vomited.


Angry emerald eyes met his when he finally managed to tear his eyes away from the mark that had just destroyed everything. They both glared at each other for a long moment, ignoring the throngs of gyrating dancers around them as they both came to terms with what this meant for both of them.


Their eyes narrowed dangerously.


“You asshole!” Kara finally snapped the same time Drew said, “You fucking neutered me!”


With that announcement, all the anger in Kara’s expression was suddenly gone and was replaced by a sly little grin that had his hands clenching into fists as he fought against the urge to strangle her.


She leaned in almost conspiratorially, leaving him with no other choice but to cautiously do the same.


“Kind of sucks being you right about now, doesn’t it?” she asked with a wink before she spun around on her heels and walked away from him. She paused ten feet away from him, spun right back around and pointed a finger to the right only to suddenly let that finger go completely limp, making his jaw clench as she mouthed the word, “Limpy.”



Chapter 2


Kara made her way past the long line of women waiting for the bathroom, ignoring the sneers and demands that she get her fat ass into the back of the line. This wasn’t the time to play games. She pushed her way inside the bathroom, grabbed the pair of women gossiping by their arms and shoved them out of the room only to do the same to the woman applying way too much makeup and perfume. The two women who came out of the stalls were thankfully shifters and sensed her mood and more importantly, her status, and made a run for it.


Once she was alone she locked the door behind her.


“Hey, we need to use the bathroom!” someone, probably a human, yelled.


“Use the men’s room!” she growled back.




With trembling hands, she turned the faucet on and placed her wrist beneath the cold water. Slowly, she exhaled as the cool water soothed the burn of her new mark.


This was not happening. This really could not be happening to her. No way that…that…that manwhore was meant for her! That was just disgusting! Him, the father of her children? Ah, hell no.


It was not happening. She had choices. She truly did. One thing was for sure, she was not going to accept him as her mate. Let the bastard go around for eternity limp. She'd be doing society a favor.


“You and I need to talk,” a low deep voice announced, startling her and making her jump back from the sink. How in the hell had he gotten in here without her hearing him? She was a freaking Alpha for Christ’s sake. She should have sensed him the minute that he stood outside the bathroom door.


She watched him as he leaned back against the bathroom door with his arms casually crossed over his chest.


“We have nothing to talk about,” she said with a casualness that she wasn’t feeling at the moment as she finished drying her hands and headed for the door.


He held up a hand, stopping her.


“I would say that we have a hell of a lot to talk about. Don’t you?” he asked, looking kind of pissed.




“Well,” he drawled as he pointedly looked down at his mark, “this little mark says differently.”


“I don’t care what it says. I’m leaving.”


“No, I don’t think you are,” he said casually. “You just fucked me over, sweetheart.”


“I will never fuck you in any sense of the word, Drew, so back off,” she said through clenched teeth.


“Really?” he asked, sounding amused, which really just pissed her off more.




“Then I guess you don’t want pups of your own someday,” the manipulative bastard said casually like he wasn’t striking her where it would hurt the most.


She shrugged like it didn’t matter to her. “I can always adopt when I’m ready.”


Some of his cool façade began to slip away at that announcement. “Oh, and what about sex?”


This time it was her turn to smile. “Actually, Drew, I believe this,” she held up her wrist, “just opened up a brand new world for me. I no longer have to settle for human males. I can go for unmated shifters all thanks to you and have a hell of a time doing it.”


He glared at her. “You wouldn’t.”


She laughed. “Of course I would.” Her expression turned concerned as she gave him a look of pity. “Don’t worry. I’m sure you won’t miss sex. Just think,” her tone and expression became bright and cheerful, “with all the new free time you’ll have because you can’t have sex ever again! Oh my God, you can get a hobby! Maybe bingo? You lucky bastard you!”


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