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Fated (Pyte/Sentinel #5)(3)
Author: R.L. Mathewson


This was bullshit!


No other male, especially an Alpha would put up with this shit. Why he had for all these years was beyond him. It was past time that she learned to submit to her betters. Normally he would give Mick a heads up over what he was about to do, but tonight he didn’t have a choice. Several members from enemy Packs were here and every single one of them had just witnessed more of her bullshit.


If that wasn't bad enough, his Pack was starting to question his leadership. They were getting greedy and wanted to completely take over Boston and he didn’t see the need to do that, not with the way things were these days. The world had changed, providing them with more opportunities and more than half of his Pack was still stuck in the fucking Dark Ages, demanding more than they needed and risking their very existence every time they defied him.


He also had other Packs trying to take over his territory and kick him out of Boston, terrified of his position and the possibility that one day he would use that position to take everything for himself. He knew that several of his enemies had just witnessed Kara’s act of defiance and were stupid enough to think that because she’d pulled that shit on him, that he was fucking weak and they would try to use it as an excuse to make a move against him.


Any sign of weakness could set off another war and right now he wasn’t sure if his Pack would back him up or use this as an excuse to leave. He had no choice now. He was going to have to make her cower and try not to enjoy every fucking minute of it, he realized as anticipation coursed through his veins.


“Hey, where are you going?” one of the woman he’d been dancing with suddenly demanded.


He couldn’t remember her name. It wasn’t important after all. She would have just been a lay and probably a lousy one at that. Only his kind could handle his demands in bed and give as good as they got. Humans were a poor substitution, he had to admit, but it was either that or risk being stuck with a bitch, who would try to use his cock to control him. Being mated was definitely not for him.


“I’ll be back,” he said firmly as he made his way towards his prey. He felt the human follow him so he turned around and gestured towards the table where her friends were trying to pretend like they weren’t watching them and doing a horrible job of it. His chosen partner for the night noticeably swallowed, but she moved her pert little ass and left like a good little human and ultimately disappointed him, because he hated timid women. Shaking his head in disgust, he returned his attention to Kara, the bane of his existence.


She’d only been on the dance floor for a few minutes, but she already had several humans and a demon trying to get her attention. Laughing, Kara danced with the human she’d brought with her. She also danced with the men vying for her attention, obviously not caring that she was leading them all on. He already knew that she wasn’t planning on going home with any of them.


For her, they were just a distraction, something to pass the time with. In all the years that she’d been coming here, she’d never taken any of the men that she’d teased and flirted with home with her. He knew, because he’d always made sure that she got home safely...and alone. Not that he really cared if she fucked every male in town, because he didn’t. He simply needed to make sure that she didn’t do anything that would cause trouble for his club, his Pack, or most importantly, him. It only confirmed his suspicion that she only came here to piss him off and she did a great job of that.


Indicating that his dick was less than an inch long, puhlease. If he didn’t hate her so damn much or fear being trapped with the bitch for eternity he’d show her. It wouldn’t be a hardship taking her to bed. Far from it. She was absolutely fucking gorgeous with streaks of gold and blond hair running through her long bronze hair. The part that killed him was knowing that everything about her was real. There were no dye jobs, boob jobs or a single fucking thing fake about her.


He even liked her height. She was short when he normally went for tall women. For some reason with her he liked the fact that she was barely five-foot-four. It made him think of all the ways that his large body could wrap around hers. He usually liked smaller breasts, because they could fit in his mouth and well, they didn’t freak him out. Large breasts like hers made him think of breastfeeding, which made him think of babies and at ninety-seven he wasn’t interested in having cubs of his own yet, but he wouldn’t mind running his tongue over her beautiful breats when she finally submitted to him.


She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t stick thin either like most of the women that he’d slept with were. She was the opposite of everything that he liked and for whatever reason he found himself intrigued by her. If she wasn’t such a miserable pain in the ass and unmated he might consider pushing her up against the bar one night, ripping off her panties with his fangs and fucking her out of his system, but then again he might just kill her and be done with the whole thing.


“Shit,” he growled as he watched Ryan, his Beta, walk up behind Kara. It made him pause there for a moment, trying to decide what he should do. Ryan didn’t have to worry about getting trapped with the pain in the ass, because he was already unhappily mated.


Perhaps he didn’t have to do anything after all, Drew decided as he thought it over. Ryan was his Beta and also the manager of his club. He could handle tossing her out on her ass without worry and at the same time send a message to their enemies that they didn’t take shit from anyone. It looked like he wasn’t needed here after all, he mused with a shrug, starting to turn around just as Ryan grabbed Kara by the arm and attempted to quietly lead her off the dance floor without causing a scene.


What both men hadn’t expected was for Kara to grab Ryan’s hand and with a very simple twist, dropped him to his knees. Most people around them were too happily buzzed to really care. The humans dancing around her that had noticed were cheering Kara on, thinking that she was handling some jerk that wouldn’t take no for an answer. Drew felt his stomach lurch as Kara’s beautiful emerald eyes flashed silver in warning.


Oh, shit…


Ryan’s eyes widened in surprise before he shifted his gaze away and tilted his head to the side, offering his throat in submission. Kara was a goddamn Alpha female. How in the hell had he missed this? He’d known her for years and never once had he suspected that she was anything more than a pain in the ass shifter that he wanted to fucking throttle. She’d hid her status well.

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