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Fated (Pyte/Sentinel #5)(15)
Author: R.L. Mathewson


Oh, well, she thought with a sigh as she allowed her fingernails to turn into razor sharp claws. It looked like she was going to have to come up with a Plan B, because-


“Get your fucking hand off her ass,” Drew said charmingly as he stepped up next to her, appearing as though he really didn’t care what was happening in his club, but his eyes...his eyes told a different, more terrifying story.


“We’re just having a little-Ow!” the little bastard that had decided that her ass made a great hand warmer ended on a bloodcurdling scream that was easily covered up by the loud music echoing through the busy club.


When his hand was suddenly removed from her ass, Kara was forced to grab onto the edge of the table as her head spun from the scent of all that blood, the screaming and the fact that all the men sitting at the table were now giving off the delicious aroma of fear, not that she ate humans, because that was just disgusting, but it was still an intoxicating scent to ignore for an Alpha, who had the ability to shift at will and indulge in her other side whenever she liked.


Right now though, what she really would have liked was a chair, a brown paper bag and for her world to stop spinning. That would have been very nice indeed, she thought as her blurry thoughts registered a slight sting to her arm, probably too late she thought sluggishly as her legs gave out on her. Thankfully the shifter standing behind her broke her fall just as she registered a second sting on the back of her neck.


Once she realized that she was about to die, her last thought was regretting not kicking Drew in the balls when she’d had the chance.




“My hand!” the human might have screamed, but all of Drew’s attention was on the small curvy woman who was hastily being lowered to the floor by a shifter that he’d never seen before


He felt numb as he stood there, staring down at her as throngs of dancers moved around her, barely avoiding stepping on her as he watched the telltale emerald green start to highlight her veins, letting him know that she would be dead by morning. He should walk away and leave her to her fate, but he couldn’t move. He just stood there as the fucking human who’d laid his hand on her ass and his friends practically fell over themselves as they decided to make a run for it while he was distracted.


Not that it mattered since Mick would smell them coming a mile away and finish the job for him. Not only had the piece of shit marked his hand with Kara’s scent, but Drew had made damn sure that Mick wouldn’t miss his punishing mark on the human. He would take care of it, make sure the boys kept their mouths shut and never came near his club again and he…


He would have his life back by morning. He absently looked up for the shifter that had lowered her to the ground, but he was long gone so Drew returned his attention to Kara as the silver spread throughout her body, telling himself that all of his problems would be gone by morning.


It should make him happy, it did make him happy, he told himself, but it also pissed him off, because someone had come into his club with the sole purpose of harming his mate and he’d allowed it. He’d avenge her death, pain in the ass or not, because she was his and no one had the right to harm a hair on her head without fear.


With that in mind, he took a step towards her, took a knee by her side and scooped her up in his arms as the silver continued to color her veins, marking its passage to her heart with the intense emerald green that he would have thought was beautiful in any other circumstance. Right now, it just felt like another chapter in his life was ending and he needed to see it through.


“Close the club down,” he said as he carried her limp body past the bar, knowing that his staff would have the club shutdown and emptied in less than ten minutes.


He didn’t say anything as he carried her back towards his private elevator and anyone that saw her green veins knew better than to ask any questions. Shifter, Demon or vampire, they all knew what it meant. He knew that he would be investigated by their Council for her death, but he also knew that he would be released without punishment since he would still be alive and shifters that killed their mates died right along with them. It was a protection given to mated couples to ensure that they wouldn’t turn on each other.


Using his thumbprint, he hit the call button for the elevator and waited patiently for the elevator to finally arrive. There was no rush, no reason to lose his mind with worry or to even panic, because she was already dead and he was free. Within a matter of hours he’d forever be free of the little bitch and crawling between the legs of whatever female caught his eye.


Everything would go back to the way that it was supposed to be, he realized numbly as he stepped inside the elevator, hit the button for his penthouse apartment and simply waited as the elevator carried them upstairs. He considered calling for Mick and giving the large shifter a chance to say goodbye, but then just as quickly dismissed the idea since it was unnecessary.


Kara would never know that her cousin had come to pay his last respects and Mick would never forgive Drew from putting a halt to his revenge. As Kara’s only living male relative, it was his right to hunt down the shifter who’d done this and rip him apart. By their laws, it should actually be Drew’s right, but he didn’t take it out of respect for Mick.


So, knowing that there was nothing else that he could do, but wait, he walked out of the elevator, headed towards his room and kept walking until he came to the guest room at the end of the hallway. After a slight pause, he opened the door, walked inside and laid her down on the queen size bed.


For a moment he simply stared down at her, wondering what it would have been like to have children with her, what they would have looked like, if they would have had her mischievous smile or his boyish charm. After a minute he realized that there was no point to any of it.


She was finally gone and that’s all that mattered, he realized as he turned around and walked away, shutting the door behind him with an deafening click, marking the end of this chapter in his life.


Now it was time to move on…



Chapter 7


Oh, God…please let it stop!

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