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Fated (Pyte/Sentinel #5)(14)
Author: R.L. Mathewson


He almost laughed when he felt his dick stir to life in his pants. It should make him happy to know that the damn thing worked, but it didn't. Instead it reminded him of this seriously fucked up situation that he was in. If she hadn't been leading those fucking humans on last night they wouldn't even be in this mess. Hell, they probably never would have realized that they were meant to mate. He could have continued to fuck anything that moved and enjoyed his life if she hadn't screwed everything up.


Since he’d hit his sexual maturity he’d made damn sure to stay away from all unmated females. He never wanted to be tied down to one woman and he made damn sure that he always kept a healthy distance between him and Kara. If she had been part of his Pack he could have forced her to do a blood oath so that he could touch her and punish her when she needed it and he knew damn well that she would have needed it often.


Their mating would have remained hidden until they had sex and he knew that never would have happened. They hated each other, always had. Although he wouldn't have minded taking a go between her legs, he knew the damn woman would stubbornly deny her attraction to him with her dying breath.


“Where's this room?” she asked as she ran her hands over her face, probably wishing this day would end. No doubt she wanted to take a shower, crawl into bed and sleep the rest of the day away. That was really too bad, because her day had barely begun. She still had nine hours of busting her ass for five bucks an hour ahead of her to look forward to.


“You're taking the job?” he asked casually, trying not to let her know how much this pleased him. He gave her a week before she got sick of the bullshit he was going to dish out before she came crawling to him on her hands and knees, begging him for a chance to be his mistress.


As a gentleman, he of course would ease her suffering and set her up in his penthouse, but only after she proved that she could beg prettily.


“Just so you know,” she said, opening the door, “I'm not going to sleep with you.”


“Of course not,” he agreed. He had no plans on sleeping with her, but he was more than willing to fuck her.



Chapter 6


"Where's the rest of my uniform?" Kara asked as she looked down at the tight black t-shirt with the words "Club Luna" written in yellow across her breasts and ended just above her navel. Her short skirt was just that, short. It hung low around her hips and ended a few inches shorter than she was used to.


Sandy, the head waitress, shoved a pair of black high heels into her arms. "You know how to serve drinks, right?" she asked, sighing heavily as if she doubted that Kara could do even that much.


Reminding herself that she needed this job and didn't want to get put in charge of scraping the bottom of the dumpster clean, something that Drew would probably have her do anyway once he thought about it, she ground her jaw shut and simply nodded.


"Good," Sandy said with a relieved sigh. "Just stick to the rules and you'll be fine."


"What rules?" Kara asked when the woman turned to leave the break room.


"No drinking, no drugs, and no fucking while you're on the clock," Sandy said, not breaking her stride as she walked out of the break room and shut the door behind her, leaving Kara standing there to stare after her as she once again questioned how she’d ended up in this predicament.


She'd saved and prepared all her life for something like this, but apparently not well enough. Then again, she never thought that she'd be mated to the prick or have her entire existence wiped out in one day. After all that planning, scraping just to get by and going without to make sure that she could take care of herself and here she was with nothing to show for it. She didn't even have a dollar in her purse. Not that it mattered since her purse had been stolen.


Worst of all she was now completely dependent on the man she’d vowed to knee in the balls on the day that he’d found his mate only to discover that she was the poor bitch that ended up with him. Could things get any worse? she wondered as she squeezed her feet into the small black pumps that were way too small and mentally cursed Drew to hell.


"What's taking you so long? We have thirsty customers out here. Move your ass," Sandy said as she popped her head into the break room to see what was taking Kara so long.


With an annoyed sigh, Kara readjusted her breasts in the too small bra she'd been forced to borrow since hers had been damaged, and followed the bitter woman out of the room, hoping this night would end quickly.


Of course it didn't. As soon as her feet hit the hardwood floor outside of the break room she was thrown into hell. Everyone wanted a drink and they wanted it now. They didn't care that she had about a hundred other customers to take care of or that she was carrying a tray overflowing with drinks, everyone she passed did whatever they could to get her attention and if she didn't immediately take their order they got really pissy.


For the first two hours, she bit her tongue and took their whining, grabby hands and attitude with a forced smile. She even forced herself to ignore the smug smiles that Drew sent her way and stopped herself from sending him a rude gesture that would probably get her thrown out, but the very second she felt that hand snake beneath her skirt and palm her ass she'd had enough.


Slowly, so very slowly, she turned around to glare down at the human male who still had his hand up the back of her skirt and had a handful of her ass. She looked pointedly at his arm where it disappeared beneath her skirt, to the face of the cocky bastard who actually had the nerve to give her ass a squeeze as his friends laughed and cheered him on.


"Remove your hand," she said tightly, struggling against the urge to shift and tear his throat out.


“Aw, relax, sweetheart,” he said, laughing along with his friends as he gave her ass another squeeze.


“Don’t worry, we’ll make it worth your time,” one of his friends said as he tossed a crumpled dollar bill at her, making her decision so damn easy.


Sighing, because if she’d been able to suck it up for a few weeks, she probably would have made enough money to catch a bus somewhere north along with a new identity.

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