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Fated (Pyte/Sentinel #5)(12)
Author: R.L. Mathewson


“No, I'm pretty sure that I can make it to the alley without a ride,” she said, shooting him a look of pure disgust as she stormed off, leaving him slightly confused and seriously pissed off.


She'd rather live in an alley than take him up on his very generous humanitarian offer? What the hell was wrong with her?


“Um, Mr. McNeil?” Mary said tentatively as she approached him, taking the spot that Kara had just vacated and drawing all of his anger towards her.


“What?” he snapped, feeling his eyes shift.


She ducked her head in an act of submission as she noticeably swallowed. “I-I....um, that is....,” she took a deep breath before continuing, “another waitress just quit.”


“WHAT?” he roared, coming to his feet.


She let out a high-pitched squeal that grated against his ears as she ran off, no doubt to cower beneath the table in the break room. His eyes shifted to Kara as she flipped him off while she walked out of the club, taking his anger to a very dangerous level.




She wanted to play this game, then he would play along. Obviously she was going to need a little more convincing. He'd have to do something to keep her around while he made sure that she hit rock bottom and once she did, she'd come to appreciate his offer. She'd probably even thank him, he decided as he went after his unwanted mate.



Chapter 5


“I understand,” Kara said on a sigh as she frowned down at whatever that black stuff was and moved a few inches down the alley to the right, wondering what she was going to do now.




“No, I'm not mad at you,” she reassured Mick as she watched her large cousin shift nervously in front of her.


There was another grunt, followed by a long heavy sigh that told her just how bad he felt about the whole thing.


“There's nothing to forgive,” she said, forcing a small smile. Mick really was a very sweet man, but she couldn't accept his invitation to stay with him and his mate and they both knew it.


He was part of a Pack and she wasn't. It didn't matter that fate had been cruel and she was now mated to the Alpha of his Pack. Drew hadn’t accepted her or presented her to the Pack so she was still technically a mutt, an Alpha without a Pack. The Pack had only tolerated her presence because Drew’s father had allowed her sanctuary as long as she followed the Alpha’s rules. As long as she didn’t make any move against them, or try to force her presence into the Pack, they tolerated her, but the moment that she tried to move in with a Pack member it would be seen as invitation to drive her out of Boston for good.


Although Mick owned his own house, it was still considered Pack property. She could visit him, but she wasn’t allowed to stay. The moment she tried, Mick would have to deal with the rest of his Pack and she didn't want to bring her cousin any more problems than she already had. Besides whoever, cough, Drew, cough, was doing this would probably aim their little tantrum in Mick’s direction and she wasn't having that.


She'd deal with this on her own. If she couldn't get her money back then she'd just have to earn it the old fashioned way. Of course, if she wanted to do that then she'd have to leave the east coast if she wanted a fresh start and hope her problems didn't follow her.


They better not follow her.


After she left, she never wanted to lay her eyes on Drew again or her other problem. Granted, she’d never wanted to see him again ever since the first time that she’d met him, but that wasn't the point. He better damn well just be happy that he’d managed to finally run her off. If she wasn't destitute and homeless, she'd probably stick around and make his life a living hell just for the hell of it, but that was no longer an option.


Everything was gone and she knew from experience that it was going to take a lot of work, patience and time to create a new identity and she'd rather just get it over with. First, she had to figure out a way to get enough money to leave the state, buy a few fake ID's and keep her head above water while she looked for work. She was tempted to take Mick up on his offer of a loan, but she wasn't sure when she would be able to pay him back. She also didn't like owing anyone anything.


Damn her pride, but she couldn't accept a handout. If it got really bad then she'd consider it, but for right now she was going to have to find a place to stay and think of a way to make some money while keeping what was left of her pride intact.


“Lovely place you have here,” Drew drawled as he walked towards them. She glowered at him as he leaned back against the brick wall across from her.


“Did you fix everything?” she demanded, hoping that he had. She really didn't want to start all over again.


“Can't fix what I didn't break, sweetheart,” Drew said, looking around the alley. “Hell of a view you got here,” he said, nodding towards a hooker giving a middle-aged man a blowjob near the dumpsters.


She shrugged it off. “Cheaper than cable.”


“I see,” he said, turning his attention to her. “Interested in the penthouse yet?”


“No thanks. I'm not that desperate yet,” she said, hoping to piss him off.


He simply shrugged it off like it didn't matter when they both knew that it mattered a great deal to him. The man was a whore and she doubted he'd survive another week without sex. Actually, she fully expected him to come begging on his hands and knees in another day or two. She'd of course refuse, but she really was looking forward to torturing him before she turned him down flat.


“Okay, then how about this,” he mused, crossing his arms over his chest as he studied her, “you come work for me and I'll set you up with a place to stay and I'll even help you get some new ID's, but you have to stay until I can find someone to replace you.”


“Doing what?” she asked cautiously. She didn't trust him, never had. He was up to something, she just didn't know what that was yet, but she fully planned on finding out.

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