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Fated (Pyte/Sentinel #5)(10)
Author: R.L. Mathewson


“Get your paws off me, Mick! I swear to god that I will kick your ass if you don't put me down so that I can kill the son of a bitch!”


Even over the screeching, Drew could make out Mick's grunted answer. He looked up just in time to see Mick walk into his club carrying Kara over his wide shoulder. Judging by her kicking and promises of bodily harm towards her cousin, Drew guessed that she was in a pissy mood. Well good, because he was in a shitty mood himself and he was more than happy to take it out on the person who’d caused it.


With a grunt, Mick dropped his bundle in front of Drew's table. Kara took a moment to send her cousin a murderous glare before turning her attention on him. Drew ignored her for a moment while he ran his eyes over her, taking his time to appreciate what fate had given him.


He felt his eyebrows arch as he took in her disheveled appearance. Her normally beautiful bronze hair was a tangled mess. There were dirt streaks on her face and neck as well as on her once tailored skirt suit. He stood up and leaned over the table to get a better look at her legs, ignoring her low growl of warning, and tsked.


“You've stepped over the line this time,” she bit out, making him frown. This time? He must have checked out her legs a thousand times before. Granted, he never openly checked them out, but then again he hadn’t known that she was his before. Now he saw it as his right and responsibility.


So, after a long perusal of those golden beauties covered in torn hose, dirt and a few abrasions he took his time sitting back, making sure to run his eyes over her breasts before meeting her very angry eyes.


“What can I do for you, Kara? Come to pick up the keys to the penthouse?” he asked in a bored tone.


“No, I came to demand that you fix everything that you did!” she snapped, earning a confused frown from him.


“What exactly do you think that I did?” he asked, taking a slow sip of his water, mostly just to piss her off.


“You know exactly what you did!” she snapped in a voice that was becoming more animal than human by the second.


He wasn't too surprised when he saw two tiny fangs slide down from her gums or her eyes flash silver. Well, actually he was. It was still a bit of a shock to discover that Kara was an Alpha after all these years, not that he hadn't scented immense power coming from her, but he'd just assumed that she was a slightly stronger female. Never in a million years would he have guessed what she was since it was very rare for a female Alpha to be without a Pack.


Hell, it was rare for any Alpha male or female to be without a Pack, but here she was pissed and looking ready to kill someone without a Pack to back her up. He mentally tsked her as he focused his attention back on his paperwork.


“I really don't have a clue about what has your panties in a twist today, Kara. So unless you're here to fuck or get the keys to the penthouse, I'm going to have to ask you to leave,” he said in that same bored tone that he knew aggravated the shit out of her even as he tried to figure a way around his staffing problem.


“I'm not leaving until you fix what you did,” she bit out angrily.


Sadly for her, he didn't have the patience for this bullshit. He hadn't fucked in over three months, because of his Pack obligations and business and now there was no relief in the foreseeable future. Add the shit with his Pack and the war that was brewing between the Masters and the Sentinels on top of being short-staffed and that left him in a really pissy mood.


“What the hell do you think I've done now?” he asked with a heavy sigh, dropping his pencil on the table as he sat back and waited for her to fill him in on whatever bullshit she was laying at his feet.


“You know exactly what you did,” she growled.


“I'm afraid I don't. So, you might want to enlighten me,” he said, taking a sip of his drink while he gestured for her to get on with it.


She opened and closed her hands while she glared at him and there was no doubt in his mind that she was barely stopping herself from going for his throat. It actually amused him that she even considered it and by the murderous gleam in her eye he knew damn well that she was thinking about doing it. But she held back, because she knew that Alpha or not, she was no match for him. If she made a move on him he'd take her down to the ground and fuck her to put her in her place.


Humans might call it rape, and in their world he would agree one hundred percent and even kill any bastard for doing it, but in their world as an Alpha with a Pack to lead and as her mate it was his duty to keep her in her place. There were too many lives at stake right now and he couldn't risk being seen as weak.


“You,” she said with so much vehemence that he couldn't help but arch a brow in question, “had me fired. You had my bank accounts drained. My apartment robbed and my ass evicted! My car was stolen and when I called my insurance company, I was informed that I've never had an account with them. In fact, you really went out of your way to make sure that I never existed!”


“I think I would have remembered doing something like that,” he mused even as he calculated all the new possibilities that her problem presented him with.


“You probably had one of your lackeys do it for you,” she snapped. “I want you to fix it and I want you to fix it now!”


“This all happened today?” he asked, already knowing that it had to do with their mating. Did someone want to drive her out of town in the hopes that he would follow? He inwardly snorted at that. She was just the bitch he got stuck with. If she wanted to go then she could go and he wouldn't give a flying fuck. Well, that wasn't entirely true. He cared about having sex again, but at this point he'd actually consider it a trade off if he never had to deal with her again.


“You know it did! I also don't appreciate you sending human males to attack me. If you want to get rid of me then I suggest you grow a pair of balls and do it yourself,” she sneered, stepping closer to the table and once again looking as though she were fighting back the urge to rip him apart.


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