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No Bad Days (The Fisher Brothers #1)(12)
Author: J. Sterling

He laughed. “Yeah, like your roommate, Rachel. I think Trevor misses her.”

As Nick walked away, I stood there with my mouth hanging open, wondering just how much research he had done on me. He not only knew that I lived with Rachel, but he knew she was Trevor’s ex-girlfriend.

He turned around to face me as he turned his cap backward. “Say you’ll come, Jess, or I’ll just harass the living shit out of you until you do.”

Now I was the one laughing. “I don’t doubt that. I’ll be there.”

With bells on, Nick Fisher.

With. Bells. On.



Frat-Boy Scene






After class, I walked back to my apartment and tried to focus on my homework, but Nick’s face kept popping up in my head instead. He had completely taken me by surprise today, and our conversation kept playing in a loop in my mind.

The door was locked, so I fished out my key before unlocking it and stepping inside. I decided that it was good that Rachel wasn’t home yet, so I’d have a chance to get started on my homework before she talked my ear off about today’s Nick-tivities.

I grabbed a cold soda from the fridge and headed into my bedroom. After piling all the pillows against the wall, I leaned into them. Reaching for my laptop, I fired it up and began searching for information on my assignment.

The front door slammed far sooner than I had expected. I hadn’t even read a single article yet.

“Jess?” she shouted into our space.

“In my room,” I shouted back.

Rachel’s curvy frame appeared in my doorway before she hopped onto my bed, making my laptop bounce up and down on my legs. “What’s up?”

“Just working on this assignment for Psych.”

“Ugh, core curriculars suck,” she said, referring to the classes I had to take to fulfill my general-education credits. She pushed back off from my bed and walked out of my room without warning. “I need a drink. And I’m starving. Come out here with me and I’ll make you food.”

I couldn’t resist her offer, so I bookmarked the site, closed my laptop, and grabbed my soda before heading toward the other room. “The class is actually really interesting, but it’s also really hard.”

“That’s why I took Sociology instead of Psych.”

“Well, maybe if you’d taken Psych, you could analyze the day I had today,” I said with a slight huff.

“Why? What happened? Are you okay?” Her eyebrows drew together with concern, which surprised me. I hadn’t expected my comment to worry her.

“It’s nothing bad. Sorry. I just spent the entire break between my classes with Nick today,” I said in a rush. I popped open the can, taking a sip to silence my babbling.

Rachel choked on her words. “You what?”

I grinned, my smile feeling like it took up my entire face. “You heard me.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me toward our couch in the living room. Forcing me to sit down next to her, she released my hand before angling her body toward mine. “Tell me everything immediately. And don’t leave anything out.”

“He wanted to hang out with me after class, so I told him I had ninety minutes.”

“Wait.” She held up her hand. “What about your fake boyfriend?”

“I told him we broke up,” I said with a laugh, and she laughed with me.

“Okay, go on.”

“He bought me lunch, and then we went to the football stadium and talked.”

“Talked?” She cocked an eyebrow as if she didn’t believe me.

“Yeah. Talked. He’s . . .” I paused, searching for the right word, and Rachel jumped in.

“He’s what, hot? Horny? Great in bed? He’s what, Jess?”

Shrugging, I said, “He’s really cool.”

Really cool? That’s the word I use to describe him? #Fail, Jess.

“Cool?” Her lips curled up with distaste.

“I don’t know. He was nice. Super nice. And normal. I don’t know what I thought he’d be like, but this wasn’t it.”

“What did you guys talk about?”

I didn’t want to tell Rachel about Nick’s family life or his dad’s business, so I decided to keep those things to myself. Even though I didn’t know him all that well, some things shouldn’t be shared without permission.

“I don’t know, everything. We talked about where we grew up, our families, our majors, what we want to be when we’re real grownups.”

Rachel swept her dark wavy hair off her shoulder with a flick of her wrist before leaning back against the cushions. “Did he ask you out?”

I sucked in a quick breath as I remembered. “He invited us to a party tomorrow. Both of us. He said it was small, and he specifically mentioned you and said that Trevor misses you.”

“He what?” she shouted as she leaned in close. “How would he even know that?”

“They’re fraternity brothers. I’m sure they talk. Although I have no idea how he knew you were my roommate.”

“I guess.” She tapped her bottom lip with her finger. “This is all very interesting.”

“Why’d you guys break up, anyway? You never did give me a straight answer about it.”

I thought back to last year when Rachel and Trevor had dated. I liked Trevor the few times I’d met and hung out with him. Rachel and I had both lived in the same dorm building as freshmen, but we weren’t suitemates, so I didn’t get to see her every day until we moved in together this year.

Trevor had always seemed like he was really into Rachel whenever I saw them together, and when they stopped dating, I never knew why. That was the thing about Rachel, she tended to keep certain details about her life private. When she wanted to share, she shared—overshared really—but when she didn’t want to, no amount of prying could get the information out of her.

“It doesn’t matter,” she said, looking past me and out the sliding glass doors.

“Will you come to the party, though?” If she said no, I wouldn’t go either. There was no way in hell I’d go to a frat party alone.

Her gaze darted back to mine. “Are you kidding? And miss the chance to watch Nick Fisher flirt shamelessly with my roommate? Of course I’ll go.” She stuck her tongue out before pushing off the couch. “It’s going to be epic.”

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