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Complete Me (Royals Saga #7)(15)
Author: Geneva Lee

David absently twisted the ring on his finger, and Edward’s heart twisted along with it. Was this really what it would come down to? Choosing between the man he loved and the legacy he’d been born to? It occurred to him that this was how Alexander must have felt when he fell in love with Clara. Although the two had faced scrutiny, scandal, and danger, they’d continued to choose each other. Why couldn’t he do the same?

“Yes,” Edward said.

“Yes?” David repeated questioningly.

“Yes, I will marry you.” Grabbing him by the shirt, Edward drew him roughly to his body. Their mouths crushed together, the air around them charged with an electricity that he’d only felt in his arms. He had shielded himself from it in recent months, trying to keep him safe from unknown enemies by putting distance between them. Now Edward knew he’d only been hurting them by doing that. The love he felt for him transmuted into an intense longing that grew as the kiss deepened. Loosening his grip on him, Edward’s hand slipped lower until he found the hardening bulge through David’s jeans. David moaned against his mouth as he began to stroke through the thick denim.

The two had always given and taken, each a generous lover, but today Edward wanted to erase any doubts. The idea that David had ever questioned his love wrecked him, and he felt compelled to show his love exactly how much he loved him. Breaking away, he met David’s chocolate eyes for a moment before dropping to his knees. Only a selfless act would be enough to show him, even though he took an immense pleasure in performing it. His fingers slid David’s zipper down nimbly, and in one practiced motion, Edward freed his cock from the confines of his shorts. It fell heavy and hot into his hands, and Edward began to caress his length as he brought its broad crown to his lips. His mouth closed over the tip, allowing his tongue to swirl languidly until he swallowed it deeply into his throat. David groaned, his hands fisting in Edwards hair as he continued to suck.

“That feels so fucking good,” David grunted as he began to rock against Edward’s mouth.

They fell into a rhythm and Edward felt his own dick begin to ache. He couldn’t stop himself from shoving his hand down his trousers to stroke it as he continued to pleasure his lover.

“It turns you on to have my cock in your mouth, doesn’t it?” David growled.

Edward nodded, taking David deeper. He responded by thrusting harder, his balls slapping against his chin, as he fucked his throat. Edward felt the first clench of his own balls, even as he nearly gagged on David’s length, and when the first, hot jet shot against his throat, his own release broke free and coated his palm. He licked his shaft as he released him, and David sighed with pleasure.

“My turn?” David asked huskily as he helped Edward to his feet. Edward grinned sheepishly.

“I might have already…” he trailed away as David spotted his sticky hand.

“I don’t mind a challenge,” David promised him before he crushed his lips to his. When he broke away, they were both panting and rock hard. “Maybe we should take this show to the bedroom before Mrs. Watson comes in and has a heart attack, though.”

Edward chuckled at the thought. Balmoral’s housekeeper had been in tenure since he was a boy. She was a grumpy, old hen who complained about everything from her arthritic hip to the quality of the village’s clotted cream. She had welcomed David with open arms, but she was getting up there in years. The two had already decided that all of this Christmas’s house guests needed a gentle reminder not to let her catch them doing anything too shocking. Although it might be easier to lock the fragile Mrs. Watson in her quarters instead of relying on the discretion of any of the couples.

“Lead the way,” Edward encouraged him, and David took his hand.

It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas.






In Smith's experience, a phone call from Georgia Kincaid never meant good news. The woman's presence in his life could be most easily described with comparisons to natural disasters. Like hurricanes and tornadoes, she was an inevitability that could not be avoided. No matter how prepared you were.

Smith bypassed valet parking. It was a service he only used in the presence of Belle, whom he wouldn't dare make walk more than a few feet into a building. When he had the option, he generally preferred to keep other hands off the steering wheel of his Bugatti. Even as a grown man, he didn’t like to share his toys. He found a particularly secluded spot marked no parking, pulled in and got out of the car. His mobile would alert him if any wanker tried to tow it. That seemed unlikely given the close quarters of London garages and between his smile and his wallet, he could have a boot taken off in no time.

The Westminster Royal hotel was known for ensuring the privacy of its guests. He paused at the revolving door and nodded in greeting to the bell man as he adjusted his tie. Another married man might think twice about meeting a woman, who wasn’t his wife in a hotel, but if Belle found out that he had done so, her first concern wouldn't be with the fact that he was meeting up with Georgia. She would never suspect an affair. Instead, she'd interrogate him as to what intelligence he'd gathered. In that regard, he had a united front with his wife. He'd kept her in the loop as much as possible once he'd realized she was the first person in his life he could trust. At times, it had been necessary to keep her in the dark, but she'd always understood that. Still, he preferred to not bother her with any information unless it proved to be of vital importance.

The small bar off the hotel's lobby was relatively busy for a weekday afternoon, but with Christmas only a few days away, more people were taking off work to see to their final holiday shopping. On one hand, this meant their conversation was more likely to be overheard. On the other, it was far more likely that everyone here would be too preoccupied with their own chaotic to-do lists to eavesdrop. He didn't have to look hard once he stepped inside the bar area.

Even with her back turned to him, Georgia stood out in the crowd. Long, black hair swung well past her shoulders and judging from how she flipped it with a toss of her head, she was in the midst of a flirtation. It was the seductive combination of Georgia's looks and her charm that made doors open for her. It was also what had made her a formidable assassin once. Those days were behind her now. Like Smith, she'd chosen to go legit when it became clear that their mutual employer was mixed up in a political game that could destroy them all. Smith had acted based on conscience, but he didn't dare believe that Georgia had acted out of anything other than self-interest. Her beauty may have gotten her behind locked doors, but her survival skills had kept her alive on more than one occasion.

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