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Clutch & Taylor The Wedding (Custom Culture #6)
Author: Tess Oliver


All of our heads popped up with interest at the sharp click clack of high heels on the cement floor of the garage. Mikey, my main mechanic, crowned himself on the open hood of the Camaro on the way up. He rubbed his head and muttered a long string of cuss words.

A tall, slim figure emerged from the blinding sunlight pouring in through the opening. We'd been together for three years, but Taylor still made my heart race every time she stepped into my line of view. And because I hadn't seen her in high heels since her brother Jason's wedding, my heart was beating extra fast. What I couldn't figure out was why the hell she was wearing a tightly shut trench coat on a hot California day.

Taylor waved at Mikey and his two assistants as she strutted confidently across the floor in her heels. Her green eyes held their usual wild sparkle as she stopped directly in front of me with a smile that I couldn't quite read.

"Hey, Inspector Gadget, what's with the spy coat?" I tilted my head to take a long, careful look at her smooth legs and high heels. "And those heels are giving me fucking heart palpitations." I sensed, without looking their direction, the guys were still having a long, careful look at the legs and heels too. "Put your eyeballs back in their sockets and get to work." I barked the order at them without taking my eyes off Taylor.

"So, I was at the design studio," Taylor started in without her usual hello kiss. "And I was working on the bridal collection which, by the way, is amazing. I finally finished putting the glass beads on the bodice and—"


"Right, I'm getting to the point." Her long lashes fluttered with a wink. "And I have a good one." Taylor Flinn, the younger sister of my friend and business partner, Jason Flinn, had been flirting with me since she was a teenager. And I'd tried like the devil to ignore her. The adult Taylor was much harder to ignore. Especially because by the time she turned eighteen, she'd taken full possession of my heart.

I found myself mesmerized by the bright pink lipstick on her lips as she spoke. She reached up and straightened the lapels on her coat, causing her shiny hair to bounce on her shoulders. My hands had spent more than their share of time wrapped up in her silky copper hair.

Taylor's hands wrapped around the belt holding together the coat. "I've been working on the honeymoon portion of the collection, and I thought I'd test its marketability."

The word marketability yanked me away from her pink lips and back to the choppy, hard to follow conversation. "I have no idea what the hell you are talking about."

Taylor sighed. "Jeez, you are thick sometimes."

Before I could respond, she untied the belt around her waist and opened up the panels of the coat, making sure what lay beneath was for my eyes only. The pearl white corset she was wearing stopped beneath her naked breasts, breasts that I knew like the back of my hand. Breasts that still stopped my breathing every time I thought of them. To finish off the look, she'd pulled on a shimmery, transparent pair of panties.


"So, is that a yes on marketability?"

"Guys, take your lunch," I yelled over her head.

"But it's only ten," Mikey protested.

"All of you take your fucking lunch now or you’re fired." I heard the distant clang of tools being set down but still couldn't pull my eyes from the girl in front of me.

Taylor shut her coat. I grabbed her hand. Her heels clacked extra loud as I led her down the hall to my office. My steel toed boot left a dent in the bottom of the door as I kicked it open. I nearly broke the doorjamb as I slammed it shut behind us.

I yanked down hard on the blinds over my office window. Too hard. The cord snapped off in my hand. Taylor covered her mouth to hide her laugh as she stared down at the broken string in my hand.

"Fuck it." I tossed it aside. "I prefer the blinds down anyhow."

Taylor sat against the edge of the desk and leaned back on her hands, allowing the panels of the coat to part just enough to expose the tops of her breasts. My pulse was already pounding and that glimpse was all I needed. She reached down and started to push off the shoes.

"No," I said loudly enough to startle her. "Don't you fucking dare take those off." The words cracked out of my throat.

Her eyes were rounded as she lowered her foot back to the ground. Her rose colored nipples hardened as she pressed back her shoulders to push her breasts higher.

Taylor's giggle sounded slightly nervous as I stomped across the floor toward her. I pushed the coat off her shoulders, exposing her silky soft skin and every tantalizing inch of her. My paperwork jammed into a bunched up mess behind her as she slid back on the desk. I grabbed her legs and placed her feet on the edge of my desk. The heels pushed her legs that much higher. She licked her bottom lip and stared up at me from beneath her curtain of lashes as she let her knees drop open. The neatly trimmed, dark copper mound of hair showed through the transparent fabric of the panties.

She saw where my gaze was focused "What do you think of the sheer panties? I designed them myself."

"You are a fucking genius." I reached forward and broke the thin lacy strap on the panties with two fingers. "Fucking genius."

Taylor's laugh, a sound that was better than music, filled the office. "You've just given me a marketing strategy. Break-away panties for the honeymoon . . . or an office quickie . . ."

She laughed again as she watched me struggle to undo my fly. I shoved my jeans down and my cock sprang free like a torpedo.

A tremor went through her body as she stared at it. "—and, of course, those occasional moments of being ravaged by a Viking."

Taylor squealed as I reached around her ass and yanked her closer to the edge of the desk. Her arms and long legs wrapped around me and our mouths clashed together as I plunged my cock into her.

I could taste her lipstick as I lifted my mouth from hers. "Every fucking time feels like the first time, baby. I can't ever get enough of you."

"Damn right," she whispered against my ear. "I won't ever get enough of you either."

My desk was solid and heavy, but I managed to scoot it across the floor as it rattled beneath us. Taylor's sharp heels dug into the flesh on my ass as I moved against her fast and hard. Just seeing her in the corset had made me so damn erect, I could barely hold back.

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