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The White Chapel (The Chapel Series #2)(9)
Author: Marilyn Cruise

“Oh, amazing, I think. I mean, I wasn’t the most popular kid or anything, but I knew my parents loved me and that they loved each other. It’s just when my father lost his job, everything started falling apart. I felt like I had to grow up and take care of everyone around me. Make sure I wasn’t a problem or a burden, you know.”

“Well, you do seem to put everything onto your shoulders,” he says.

I feel my body go rigid.

“I mean, just look at the way you’ve been trying to hold onto this house, and take care of your father…”

“If not me, then there’s no one,” I interject.

“But take a step back and look where you are,” he says. “Sometimes letting go is the best you can do. That’s when you can move forward.”

“You sound like my best friend, Anne. She keeps telling me to lighten up all the time.”

“She sounds smart,” he says, lacing his fingers with mine. “I like her.”

I gently elbow him in the stomach.

He laughs, his low rumbling voice vibrating through me. I turn my head around and kiss him lightly on the lips, the touch of his wet mouth immediately sending a jolt of desire between my legs. I could never get enough of this man.

“I’d like to meet this Anne sometime. Do you know her from school? Work?” he asks, pulling me closer.

“Uh…work.” Which reminds me—shit—I still haven’t told him about me and the whole Samantha thing. I just need a few more minutes of peace before I can tell him. And I will tell him. Or should I? He’ll never find out about it, will he?

No, Scarlett.

The right thing is to be honest and open, even though it might cause problems. And I will tell him. Tonight. After the Christmas party at Diane’s house. Then he’ll have a few days to mull it over before he decides whether or not he still wants to marry me.

“Anne went back home to visit her parents for Christmas, but she’ll be back tomorrow,” I say.

“Which reminds me, did you want to visit your father before we head to the party tonight?” he asks.

“Yes.” Should I invite Michael to come with me? He wouldn’t want to go to an old folk’s home on Christmas Day, would he? But I feel we have become so close now, and he did express interest in meeting my father. “Would you like to…come?” I ask, tuning to face him so I can see the answer in his eyes.

He looks at me with full sincerity. “I would love to meet the man who raised such a beautiful and amazing woman.”

I could marry this man for real right now. His deep blue eyes peer into mine, the affection in them so thoroughly palpable it takes my breath away.

He leans his head down and traces his lips against mine. Unable to hold back the overwhelming swell of my chest, I sit up and straddle him. While he sits up, I pull the blanket around me, and suddenly our lips are nothing but a breath apart. He cradles my head in one hand, his thumb stroking my lower lip. With the other hand, he rests it on my lower back, pulling me in close. I move my hips over his as the desire in me awakens yet again.

“You’re not too sore?” he asks.

“I don’t care if I’m sore,” I say obstinately. I want him again. “Can you get it up again?” I give him a sly grin.

His eyes turn pitch black. “For you, Scarlett, I can get it up whenever, wherever.” He exhales a breath as his lips part, unleashing his fabulous tongue through my lips. How does he do this to me? Fill me with so much desire I can’t think of anything else.

He kisses me softly, and slips one hand between us, grazing my lower abdomen on the way down. He squeezes his fingers between my legs, forces two fingers inside of me, and massages the front wall of my vagina, all the while circling his thumb over my clitoris. Immediately my muscles start to clench in delight, the pleasure indescribably intense. I let out a high-pitched girly grunt, and press my pelvis against the palm of his hand to increase the sensation.

“God, you’re so wet again, Scarlett. Already dripping.” His breath flutters against my face as he nips at my lips as I feel his erection harden against my stomach. Instinctively, I reach for him and coil my fingers tightly around his cock.

“And you’re so hard,” I say, feeling the power of him in my hands.

He withdraws his fingers out of me and slips them into my mouth, letting me taste myself.

“See how sweet you taste, Scar? Like wild honey.”

I suck on his fingers, finding it all extremely erotic. Moving my hips back and forth, stimulating my clitoris on him, I need him inside of me again, buried deep, filling me up, stroking me in and out with exquisite slowness. I lift myself up so I’m standing on my knees, and place the tip of him directly in front of my opening.

“Already?” he says.

“Please,” I say, the throb unbearable. He thrusts his hips upward and I direct him inside of me as I lower myself on top of him. I lift myself up and down, letting the length of him glide in and out of me, each stroke making him harder and harder. He places his hands on my hips, helping me lift up and thrusts me when I lower myself onto him. Having him guide me in this way is so hot.

Feeling my legs burn, I pause for a moment. But he doesn’t miss a beat. He starts circling his hips beneath me, grinding himself against my clitoris, the sensation so arousing I can’t help but to move again. He lies down, leaving me still seated on top of him. Taking my hands, he interlaces our fingers, and the base of my palms press against his.

“Now, you do me,” he says, his fabulous blue eyes ablaze with lust, a smile waiting at his lips.

Oh. I’ve never really done anyone before. My ex always wanted to be on top with all the control. This is…exciting.

I slowly rock my hips back and forth, and force him deeper and deeper into me. Oh, shit, oh...this is definitely my favorite position. Ever. Letting the moment take over, I let my head fall back as I let out a sigh.

“That’s right, baby. Give yourself one,” he says, his voice thick and erotic.

I start to rock faster, my hips instinctively settling into a wave-like motion, rolling over him, while I squeeze his hands to help steady me. My ass moves back and forth, faster and faster as I ride him hard, his rock solid erection unbelievably stimulating inside of me, the front of his pelvis pressing against my clitoris. I start to pant, and I feel sweat gather below me and on top of his hips, gliding, thrusting, hard, long, in and out.

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