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The White Chapel (The Chapel Series #2)(10)
Author: Marilyn Cruise

Oh…oh…my muscles wind so tightly that it’s just at the edge of painful, and I need to find my release.

“Come on baby, you’re almost there. I can see it on your face, it’s so fucking hot!” His voice is harsh. Demanding. Raw. It’s just what I need to come, a thousand explosions around him at once.

Just as I let out a loud moan, he flips me over onto my back again, and pins my hands to the floor beside my head. He drags them up above my head and holds them down with one arm, all the while thrusting inside of me at a furious pace, grunting with each move, his weight bearing down on me so I’m completely immobilized. Crushed. With the other hand, he grabs my nipple and twists it, the sharp pain shooting down and in between my legs, sending me over the edge yet again. He slams harder into me as I let out primal grunts, harder and faster until I come again, crying out in ecstasy.

“Oh, fuck Scarlett, you’re so hot. I love you!” He buries himself deep inside of me one last time, a sustained shove, pressing relentlessly while a wild groan rises from his lips.

We’re both panting, our breaths competing with the crackling sound of the flames. He lets go of my hands and lets his head hang toward the ground right beside mine.

Once we finally come down and have caught our breaths, I start wondering if he realizes what he actually said to me. Did he mean he loves me? Or that he loves to fuck me? Am I ready to hear those three little words that hold so much promise? I’m definitely not ready to say them. There are still too many unknowns, and although I want to trust him with everything I have, and everything I am, I don’t yet.

He lets his cheek rest against mine a while longer before pulling out of me. He kisses the tip of my ear and slowly slides off me so he ends up lying by my side. He doesn’t say anything, so I assume he didn’t really mean it, or didn’t really know what he was saying in the heat of the moment.

But it makes me curious.

Real curious.






We take another shower, but unfortunately this time, the water has turned freezing cold. Back downstairs in front of the warm fireplace, I watch as he dresses, all the while admiring his other-worldly perfect physique.

“Do you work out?” I ask, trying not to drool all over myself.

“Never,” he says.

I narrow my eyes at him.

“I do Cross-Fit five days a week at five in the morning,” he says.

That would explain the six-pack, the sculpted shoulders, the broad back and chest, and why he doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him anywhere.

“Would you like to join me sometime?” he asks.

“I consider any hour before eight a.m. to be part of the night, so…that would be a no.”

He laughs. “Eight a.m.? Half the day’s gone by then.”

“The day doesn’t start until noon, didn’t you know?” I tease.

“If you’re using today as an example, then definitely.”

Sexy goofball.

Michael insists he pay the electric bill, but I refuse, and call the automated bill-pay and take care of the damn thing before he can sneak in and pay it for me.

We drive together to the Mirabella Assisted Living Facility to visit my father. The entire way, Michael holds my hand, and my stomach feels like it’s about to come undone. This is a big step considering I’ve never introduced any guy to my father before. I hope they’ll get along.

Am I doing the right thing by introducing them? My father will remember right away who Michael is and he might start to grill him. I’m not sure how Michael will respond to that. He isn’t the most approachable guy in the world when it comes to talking about personal stuff.

Before we left, I put the engagement ring back on my finger. Michael told me he didn’t really care if I wore it or not, but when he sees that I put it on, I notice a proud look on his face.

The closer we get to the facility, the more anxious I become, and when I feel my hand becoming sweaty, I pull it away from Michael.

“You seem nervous,” Michael says.

“Well, I am introducing you to my father, and he already knows about you. He might grill you, you know.” I give him a subtle smile.

“Will he ask me if I’m any good in bed? A great kisser?”

My smile widens and I let out a little laugh. “I don’t think so. God, I mean I hope not.”

“Why? Will you embarrass me and spill all the juicy details?”

“No.” I give him a shove.

“Well, anything other than that, I can manage,” he says, stroking my cheek.

“But my father is a relentless man. He used to be an engineer, and he catches every detail. If he’s in a mood, he’ll grill you to shreds.”

“And you’re his only daughter, his princess?” he says.

I nod.

“If you want me to wait outside, that’s alright, too.”

“No…I…I want you to meet him. I want him to meet you. I’m just a little nervous I guess.”

“Well, I was petrified when I took you to see my mother the first time,” he admits.

“You were? Why?”

“Well, first of all, I wanted her to approve so badly. Back then it was about the deal, you know. If I were to introduce you now I wouldn’t be nervous at all. I wouldn’t care what she thought. I know you’re the one for me.” His eyes are bright and blue and honest.

My heart soars, but I sink in my seat. I remind myself again that I will tell him I am Samantha after the party tonight. He has the right to know.

Michael parks in the parking lot and we walk in together. When we approach the nurse behind the counter she smiles—warmly. What the…? She never smiles when I come in. But of course, I don’t usually bring Michael with me either.

“Just go on in,” she says. “He’s been waiting for you.”

I take Michael’s hand and we head to my father’s room. When I open the door, I hear Silent Night streaming from the radio. My father lies on the bed and is reading a book. Scrooge, I’m sure. He would always read it to me around Christmas time. His eyes meet mine, and I stride across the room and bury him in my embrace.

“Merry Christmas,” I say, hardly daring to squeeze him at all since he’s so thin and frail.

“Scarlett. What a joy to see you again. Merry Christmas to you, too, my sweetheart,” he says.

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