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Another One Bites the Dust (Freebirds #3)(8)
Author: Lani Lynn Vale


 A slow, smooth burn was making me move restlessly against Max’s face. Grabbing a hold of his ears, I yanked him closer to me. “Oh, God.”


 He chuckled, and it set off a vibration through my clit. An explosive orgasm tore through me, and I moaned like a porn star, eyes squeezed tight, and ground myself into his face even harder.


 It took me a while, but I came back to myself as Max was giving me a few long languid licks, and then crawled up my body, settling his hips between mine. His cock found a home in between the lips of my sex, and he moved slowly back and forth. Each pass of his cock ran his length along my clit, and set off tiny aftershocks throughout my lower half.


 “Are you ready?” He asked while looking into my eyes.


 I nodded in answer, and gritted my teeth, just in case it hurt a little more than he thought it would. But it didn’t. He withdrew a tiny bit. Just enough that he could grab his cock at the base, and guide it to the entrance of my vagina. Pausing, he watched my eyes, and then proceeded to fill me.


 “Jesus Christ, you’re tight.” He gritted out through clenched teeth.


 I was panting at the fullness. It felt magnificent. Experimentally, I rocked my hips forward and back, and then gave him a few squeezes with my inner muscles. His eyes shut tight, and he stilled completely, waiting for some control.


 Suddenly, his eyes snapped open, snaring my gaze with his. Then he pulled back hard, and slammed back into me. He must have lost the fight for control. He didn’t hurt me though; he was forceful, yet gentle. Over and over again, he would pull out nearly completely, and then slam back inside of me. Each thrust bounced me on the bed, getting me closer and closer to the headboard.


 Putting my hand up, I stiffened my arm to prevent my head from slamming into the headboard and getting a concussion. Each thrust of his hips rocked me down to my soul, and I couldn’t help but lift my hips in tandem with his.


 “I need you to come. I’m about to lose it here.” He growled.


 His eyes stayed connected with mine.


 I looked away from his eyes, overwhelmed with the amount of emotion in his. Instead of looking at him, I looked down at the connection of our bodies. I watched as his cock pulled out of me, glistening in my juices, and then disappeared again inside of me. That was really did it for me, because an orgasm overwhelmed me in the next second; I held my breath and locked my teeth to keep the scream of pleasure inside.


 “Fuck.” I heard Max rumble.


 Oh so slowly, my eyelids parted, and what I saw shocked me to the core. Max’s green eyes blazed. I saw hunger, need, and something I wasn’t ready to acknowledge yet.


 “You fit.” I said lamely.


 “Sho’ did.” He chuckled.


 I loved his sense of humor. I could do nearly anything in front of him, and he wouldn’t be grossed out or disgusted. Sure, if we were in front of the others, he would rib me hard, but, in private, he’d join in on the fun, making even dirtier comments than I’d made originally. I was truly in love with this man. It was rare to find someone that enjoyed your craziness. That didn’t mind if you went to bed wearing boys Angry Bird underwear. Or if you turned your socks inside out because the outside was softer than the inside.


 “What are you thinking about? You’re eyes are going crazy.” Max murmured, still poised above me.


 “Are you saying I have crazy eyes?” I asked slowly.


 “Is that what I said? No, I said your eyes are going crazy. Crazy eyes implies that you’re fucking nuts. What I meant was that your pupils dilated, and they were darting around the room like you were looking for a means of escape. Don’t put words in my mouth.” He calmly said.


 I pushed at his chest. He didn’t budge an inch. “Get off, you big bastard.”


 “I’m not going anywhere. We have three hours before I have to leave. You bet your sweet ass that I’m going to ride you hard before I have to go.” He said, before solidifying that fact by withdrawing and then thrusting forward again.


 The next two and a half hours were spent doing exactly that.




 “I gotta get dressed.” I whispered against her hair.


 My lips trailed down the side of her face, then down along the line of her jaw before settling softly onto her lips. I bent forward to run my nose along her cheek and it came back wet. My heart hurt.


 Leaning back on the balls of my feet, I dragged her up to a sitting position and framed her face in my hands. “It’s going to be alright. I’m going to be fine. Don’t worry.”


 “You better come back here in one damn piece, or I’ll kick your ass.” She said, all bark and no bite.


 I chuckled. The girl had the temperament of a pit bull. All snarling and bark. She’d rip you a new one, and then comfort you afterwards. That’s what I loved most about her. Not that I would tell her … yet. I’d just gotten her to come to me. I’d be damned if I would scare her off before I got her firmly in place.


 “I’d love to see you try.”


 Giving her one more kiss on the lips, I got out of bed and started dressing. It’d been a long while since I’d worn these shabby BDUs. They felt like coming home. I’d lived in them for ten years, then stopped wearing them when I was injured a few years ago. Putting them on now felt like finding the security blanket you’d used when you were a child.


 Payton watched, silently, from the bed. She was wearing one of my old workout shirts. It had the Pepsi logo on it, and was about as worn as a ratty t-shirt could be. It was by far my favorite to wear, and I’d been doing just that when I answered the door tonight. The shirt hung off one shoulder, and bared smooth unblemished skin. Her hair fell in disarray all around her. Shocks of pink and lime green dispersed throughout her brown hair that I hadn’t noticed earlier during my inspection.

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