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Another One Bites the Dust (Freebirds #3)(6)
Author: Lani Lynn Vale


 “You’re not screwed up. Now, we’re wasting all of our time. Take me to bed, or lose me forever.” I giggled.


 Max didn’t. “Show me the way home, honey.”


 With that, he bent low at the waist, and I was up and over his shoulder. Each step bounced me up and down, and I had a nice view of his perfectly tight ass. My hands itched to grab and squeeze, but I wasn’t the type of person who would initiate anything.


 My way of doing things was by playing everything off; I hid behind my sarcastic sense of humor. Just like earlier with my Top Gun reference, I made light of something, when, in reality, I wanted to jump his bones like there was no tomorrow.


 Looking around, I admired his sense of style. The living room was homey and comfortable. Although they were a bland white, photos hung on the walls. Most likely thanks to his sister, who seemed to have a camera attached to her ass at all times. There was a large sectional that took up three quarters of the room, and it looked so very comfortable.


 He took me down a long hallway, and I made note to come back and look at the family portrait tomorrow morning, before I left. Walking at a fast clip, we wound up in his bedroom, and I found myself flying through the air, slamming into a bed that felt like clouds.


 “Oh, Lord have mercy. You have one comfortable bed. I could totally sleep in this thing forever. I bet crumbs wouldn’t ruin this experience.” I said, while moving my arms and legs in and out, making an imaginary snow angel.


 “You can have the bed if you like it that much.” Max said, while ridding himself of his shirt.


 “I’ll just sleep here since you won’t be here to use it anyway.” I said absently.


 “That would be okay if you wanted to do that. I don’t mind in the least. It also might help your nightmares.” He said casually.


 He did care, though; so much that he was trying to offer me his place where he knew it was safer, without offending my sense of independence. Everything in me screamed to take him up on the offer, but I knew if I did, that I would never want to leave. He’d get tired of me being here, eventually, and I didn’t want to set myself up for failure.


 Hoping to divert his attention, I ran my eyes up and down his bared torso. “You’re gorgeous.”


 He was, too. His chest was well defined. The majority of his chest was unblemished and beautiful. There was a small portion of his upper right chest and arm that had some scarring, but from this angle, I didn’t know if it continued to his back or not. From what I could tell, it wasn’t too bad. Just a few puckered scars that looked like maybe some shrapnel got ahold of him. He could have been much worse; my hours of volunteering at the local VA hospital showed me that.


 I was incredibly shy, and put on a good front with my wit and humor; but all of that humor deserted me at the moment. I longed to run my hands over him, but I stayed still, hoping that he would see that I needed him to take charge. He did. The man never missed a damn thing. He knew things about me that even I wasn’t aware of until he brought them to my attention.


 His arms went to the waistband of my pants, and unzipped them slowly. My breath stalled in my chest, and I started panicking. Max noticed everything, though, and stopped before he divested me of my jeans.


 “You okay?” He asked.


 How the heck do I tell him this? “Yes. It’s been a while, and, um, well, Rorysaidiwasacoldfish.”


 Spreading my legs wide, he kneeled down between them regarding me warmly. “I got Rory. The rest you said too fast. Say it slower, Payton.”


 Taking a deep breath, I said, “Rory said I was a bad lay. That I didn’t participate, and I needed to lighten up. I….I want it. I do. But I don’t know how to say it in the heat of things.”


 “You listen to me,” he said leaning closer. “This Rory shit isn’t a man. A man wouldn’t leave his girl in the fucking street with two men attacking her. That hiis woman doesn’t enjoy sex with him says something about the man, not the woman. It’s the man’s job to figure out what the woman likes, what will bring out the wild in her. Let me let you in on a little secret; I can make you wild. Don’t doubt it.”


 My mouth went dry, and I had nothing to say to that. Instead, I lifted my hips off the bed so he could take my pants off more easily. He took the invitation for what it was, and took off my jeans. My panties were exposed, and suddenly I felt immensely embarrassed. If I had known I was going to be doing this today, I wouldn’t have worn these.


 Studying my panties with a smile he said, “Angry Birds, eh? Are these boy’s underwear?”


 My face went up in flames. Taking the pillow on the bed next to my head, I buried my face into it. “Oh, my God. Ohmygodohmygod!”


 “It’s cute. I didn’t realize grown women could wear boy’s underwear; but, strangely, you wear them well. I don’t think I’ll look at an Angry Bird the same way again.” Max chuckled.


 Throwing the pillow off my face, I scowled at him with the fierceness of a rabid badger.

 “You don’t know how freaking hard it is to find things in my size. I’m so freaking small that everything fits weird. Panties from the women’s department, even thongs, fit like granny panties. So I shop in the boys section for socks and underwear.”


 He watched me with his sparkling eyes, and then burst out laughing. “You just made me a happy man. Can I have a picture of you in these before I leave?”


 The mention of him leaving brought me out of my embarrassment. Now I just felt sadness. I wished I’d taken him up on that relationship offer months ago. Now he was leaving, and who knew when I would see him again. Reaching up, I ran my hand down over his scratchy haired jaw. He was such a beautiful man.


 “Take me.” I whispered, while looking deep into his eyes.


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