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Another One Bites the Dust (Freebirds #3)(16)
Author: Lani Lynn Vale


 This was some sick shit that this kid was sent here to do. It’s not something that hasn’t been done before though. As of right now, the kid was in surgery having the motherfucking bomb he had surgically implanted into his goddamn stomach removed.


 There’s no telling how long it’d been in there either. It had to be infected. The damn scar was even healed.


 From what I learned from the kid, before they took him in to surgery, was that they were waiting for a certain political figure to get here. The kid had no idea who it was, and I’d worked on him for hours, and I knew it was the truth; he really had no clue. All non-essential personnel were evacuated from the building through low profile means so as not to tip off the dumbass’s father.


 I needed a damn drink.


 My sat phone chose that moment to ring, and I couldn’t help but smile when I saw who it was.


 “Hey, pretty girl.”


 “Hey there, soldier. Speaking of soldiers, I seem to have a new doggie soldier holding down the home base as we speak. My boss cleared him for duty at work as well. I was also diagnosed with PTSD, and now have a right to take him anywhere I want to. I even have papers! Do you happen to know who would be able to accomplish all of that in less than a week’s time frame?” Payton asked sweetly.


 From her voice, I could tell she was teasing, and not pissed as I thought she would be.

 “So, how is Alpha? Do you like him?”


 “He’s actually very sweet. Claudia and I took him out to the track today and she showed me what to do if I ever have someone try to mug me again. She dressed in this massive protective suit, and she had me give the orders to attack. I swear to God the dog turned from sweet, docile Alpha, into Terminator Alpha in a split second. He also stops as soon as he hears my voice say ‘stop,’ no matter if I shout it or whisper it.”


 “Well, that is what he’s trained to do. Is she having you do this in German or English?” I asked curiously.


 “He responds to both, but she is training me in English.” Payton explained.


 I was glad as fuck that Alpha responded well to her. A weight seemed to lift off my chest that I hadn’t even known was there.


 “How did you sleep last night? Was Alpha there with you?”


 She laughed and told someone to go lay down in the background, which I assumed was Alpha.


 “I think he knows we’re talking about him, and, yes, he stayed the night for the last three days. It’s just the first time I could get a hold of you.”


 That wasn’t surprising. Service was spotty over here any way it went, but I’d been so fucking busy the past week that I haven’t been able to return any of the phone calls I’d received.


 “Yeah, I’m sorry about that. Do you sleep better with him there?” I asked.


 “Yes, I do. You know that though. You always seem to know what to do to make me feel safe. Thank you, Max.” She said huskily.


 The way she said Max sent my dick into ‘let’s do it’ mode and she hadn’t said a single dirty thing.


 “You’re welcome, pretty girl.”


 “Max?” She asked quietly.


 The tone in her voice made me come to a stop outside of Layne’s office. I turned my back towards the door and surveyed the hallway.

 “Yeah, baby?”


 “I’m ready for you to come back.” She whispered.


 Before I could answer her, a sugary sweet voice said, “Well isn’t that sweet. Does she know what you’re doing?”


 I heard the door open, but I’d just assumed it was Layne. Obviously, I shouldn’t assume. Payton’s swift inhalation on the other end of the line took my attention away from the sneering woman in front of me, and back to Payton, who I’m sure was fuming right about now.


 “Apparently, the bitch slipped her leash. Perhaps we should buy her a shock collar next time.” I said mildly.


 “You bastard.” O’Hare said and lunged.


 Now my momma told me never hit a woman. What I did next wasn’t so much as hitting, as helping her fall. I raised my hand and wrapped it around her loose hair, guiding it away from me and using her momentum against her so that she sprawled unladylike onto the tiled floor. She went down, and I stepped into Layne’s office so I would have a witness in case this got any uglier.


 Layne looked up in surprise as I slammed his door open, stepping in quickly to one side as O’Hare made another lunge at me.


 Layne’s sharp “O’Hare.” Stopped her cold, and she came to attention two feet away from me. “What the hell’s going on?”


 “O’Hare doesn’t really like me very much.” I said jovially.


 Her outraged screech filled the room, their eyes connected and finally Layne said, “Well?”


 “He called me a bitch!” O’Hare said.


 “Lita, I realize that you don’t like him. He doesn’t do anything unless he’s provoked first. I took you on this case unwillingly. Now, I think it’s time you packed your belongings. I’ll have a helicopter ready to take you home at twelve hundred hours. Dismissed.”


 O’Hare, or Lita, watched in stunned silence for a few moments before storming out of the room, slamming the door on the way.


 “Hello?” Payton asked.


 I’d completely forgotten that I still had the phone pressed up against my ear. “Oh, shit. I’m sorry Payton. I forgot about you while drama queen had a temper tantrum. Listen, can I call you back?”


 “Of course, but I’ll be at work tonight, so don’t be surprised if I don’t answer.” She warned.

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