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Another One Bites the Dust (Freebirds #3)(13)
Author: Lani Lynn Vale


 The woman had a silent snarl on her face, and I wondered what I’d done to piss her off; it’s not as if I’d ever seen her before. The other four men looked to be reserving judgment until I’d proven myself in some way. Each one of them looked alike. Each of them had a beard, dark colored hair, and deeply tanned skin. The only difference was the amount of bulk they sported, but that wouldn’t have been noticeable if you weren’t looking closely, which, I assumed, was their objective.


 “Alright, ladies. You all know why we’re here,” Layne said, when I interrupted him.


 “Actually, I don’t. Why don’t you enlighten me?” I asked briskly.


 “We don’t really want you here. We could’ve done this on our own. The only reason you’re here is that Layne said you could help. Why don’t you shut up and listen to him.” The she-devil snapped.


 Layne silenced her with a sharp command, and I couldn’t help but chuckle at her chastised look.


 “We have a man in lockdown. The past two weeks we’ve been hearing chatter through the locals that there’s an attack planned on COB Speicher. From what we can surmise, they want the base back, and us out. Preferably dead. The young man in custody has some serious training. When PFC Torres found him, he came in without a fight. It’s been sixteen days now, and everyone has tried to break him and couldn’t. That’s where you come in. We need what he has.”


 “Why would you need to have me recalled? Why not just call me, I would’ve come.” I asked perplexed.


 “We tried. Apparently, the brass no longer wants civilians that aren’t in a contract with the government working on anything that has to do with National Security, and that takes months of fucking paperwork, and we don’t have that time to waste.” Layne explained.


 I nodded in understanding. The government was really starting to crack down on certain matters. That’s the whole reason most of the men from our team got out when they did. They were tired of the bureaucracy bullshit.


 “Alright. What am I allowed to do to him?”


 The she-devil snorted in derision, and I continued to ignore her. The men, however, seemed to think it was humorous and a few chuckles rent the air. It was a legitimate question, though. Everything depended on how fast the information needed to be obtained. Over the years, I’ve honed my skills, and planned before going in how far I was willing to go.


 “Whatever it takes.” Layne said simply.


 “He won’t be able to get it done. What are you going to do then?” SD scoffed.


 “O’Hare, you have a lot to learn.” Layne chided.


 “He hasn’t even been in the military for over a fucking year. He’s rusty and out of practice. What can he do-” O’Hare was saying, before I lost the control on my patience and reacted.


 O’Hare was sitting across the room from me, sitting behind the table with her arms crossed over her chest. I didn’t let that stop me though. One second I was leaning against the wall and the next I had O’Hare pinned to the chair. Around the room, I could feel the men tense. They reacted, but it was too slow. I already had O’Hare in a position that didn’t bode well for her future if she decided to fuck with me anymore.


 “Let me tell you something, little girl. I’m in better shape now than I was when I was eighteen and finished with boot camp. I could kill you right now, get away, and none of these men could do a single fucking thing to stop me. I’m not fucking you, and you’re not my sister; I don’t have to deal with your shit. Why don’t you check that attitude of yours, because I’m extremely tired of hearing the trash that is spewing from your mouth. Are we clear?” I asked.


 She reared back her head, and I knew what was about to come. Letting go of her left hand and transferring it to my right, I swung my hand up and turned her face before she could spit at me. I just laughed. Obviously, she thought I was joking, but I wasn’t.


 “That’s enough,” Layne said. “O’Hare, I think it would be best if you sat this one out. It’s obvious to me that you can no longer keep yourself detached from this project.”

 I let her go, and returned to my position across the room, resuming my relaxed position. This time, I crossed my feet, showing her that I didn’t see her as a threat in the slightest. O’Hare continued to argue, but got nowhere. She stormed from the conference room in a flurry, and I was grateful that I didn’t have to deal with her anymore. There was nothing worse than having someone on your team you couldn’t trust.


 “Thank you, Baby Jesus.” The man with the lightest of bulk said.


 There was a round of agreement that followed that statement’s wake, and I cracked a smile for the first time since I left Payton standing on the tarmac.



Chapter 3

 You can trust your dog to guard your house, but never trust your dog to guard your sandwich.




 “Who did you say you were again?” I asked, with a large amount of confusion.


 “My name is Claudia. I’m here to start training you with Alpha.” She said, gesturing to the massive German Shepherd that was sitting fancily at her side.


 I hunkered down, ass to the back of my legs, and regarded the beautiful boy. He was pure black. Not a hint of brown showing over his entire coat, and he was gorgeous. Normally, when you think of German Shepherds, you think about their tan and black coat. This big boy had the coarse hair, pointy ears, and long nose that was synonymous with Germans, but with a pure midnight coat.


 He looked at me with an intelligence that, quite frankly, freaked me out a little. “I’m sorry to say that I didn’t order a dog. Not that he’s not pretty stinkin’ awesome, but I would hate to take him when he’s not really mine.”


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