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An Improper Ever After (Billionaires' Brides of Convenience #5)(3)
Author: Nadia Lee

She tilts her head to look up at me. The motion pushes her tits forward, and I wonder—quite cynically—if it’s a calculated move. Annabelle did the same then…and then let her mouth quiver…just like my wife is doing right now. The two women start to blur. And I finally realize why I’m more furious now than before. I assumed Belle would be on my side, that she would never betray my trust because she’d thrown some crumbs about her past my way. But of course that was an error. A very stupid one.

Belle’s breathing shallows. With fear or something else…I don’t know and I don’t give a damn. The edges of my vision dim and redden.


“I should’ve stuck to our agreement,” I spit out between clenched teeth. “Trying to change that, as though we could ever have anything meaningful for a year, was my mistake.”

Infuriatingly enough, my mind tells me I should stop now, before I hurt her too much, but I can’t. I want to devastate her the way she’s devastated me. I want to be contemptuous, make her feel as much self-disgust as I do.

And I can’t stand myself for wanting her. My cock’s so hard I could use it to split timber. I twist my hand into her hair and pull until she’s arching into my body. Her pointed nipples stab into my bare chest, and I growl deep in my throat. My dick presses against her belly, and she gasps.

Before she can regain her equilibrium, I crush my lips against hers in a punishing kiss. There’s no gentleness or finesse as I plunder her mouth with every violent emotion that whips through me. She needs to know what she’s done, and I don’t even know why that matters so much. The likeliest scenario is that she doesn’t care, because all this had been coldly calculated, and everything between us is just one huge farce. I exert more pressure, my teeth almost cutting the tender flesh of her lips. I brace myself for her reaction—a recoil of shock and distaste, an attempt to slap me away, a struggle…

But none of that comes.

Instead she’s kissing me back with wild abandon, like a woman on a mission to prove she wants me. Her tongue tangles with mine with an aggression that stuns me…then stokes my need.

She tunnels her fingers into my hair to keep me close. Blood roars in my head as I push her robe and nightgown away with unsteady hands, revealing smooth, sun-kissed skin. Her warm, delicious scent is a narcotic; as I crush her hair, I can smell faint apple from the silken strands.

Need pulses in my veins, throbs through me. My dick aches so hard it feels like it’s about to break.

Desperate to maintain some semblance of control, I cup her breast, kneading it, toying with it. My thumb brushes over her beaded nipple more lightly than a feather, but she shudders violently.

“More,” she moans, breaking away from our kiss long enough for that one word. And I give it to her, circling the tip with my thumb, my touch light and teasing. Her fingers in my hair tighten until my scalp feels the sting. I pick her up and prop her on the vanity; her thighs part wide to let me stand between them. She rocks shamelessly, her cunt wet.

She can’t fake this. She can’t will her body to be this ready for me. She either wants my dick in her pussy or she doesn’t. And I’m inexplicably grateful for that bit of honesty from her, then ticked off with myself for feeling anything positive.

She is wanton, her eyes barely slits as she looks at me, her body liquid and undulating with desire. Her nipples are so tight I know they have to hurt every time she draws a breath. She digs her small, even teeth into her swollen lower lip. I’m so attuned to her, I know what she wants, but I don’t want to give it to her. Not like this.

“Beg for it,” I say. “Tell me exactly what you want; don’t leave anything out.”

“You.” She shudders. “Your mouth on my breasts—one after the other.” She licks her mouth, and the muscles in her throat works as she swallows. “You on your knees as you eat me out.” Flush tints her cheeks. “Your hands in my hair as you”—the flush spreads to her chest—“fuck my mouth and my hand between my legs so when you come, I come too.”

I order myself to be disgusted—the way I felt disgusted by the other Annabelle when she moaned and writhed against me in the closet while the wedding guests milled about on the other side of the door. But instead my wife’s words are like flames, burning away my self-control. I want to give her everything that shaky voice of hers is asking for.

Because I know she means every syllable. Her voice might be quavering, but her gaze has been steadily on my face the entire time.

She drops her eyes to my cock, her lips parting softly. I look down and see clear beads of liquid dripping down my thick shaft.

Unable to stop myself, I step forward and take her mouth in a kiss. This time it’s lush, the intent to arouse and pleasure.

Belle clings to me desperately, and I reward her by tweaking a nipple between my fingers. She gasps against my lips, and I feel myself growing even harder.

I pull away to take her other breast into my mouth. I suck it deep inside, my tongue running over the hard nub. Her back arches, and her sharp cry echoes around the bathroom walls. I run a hand along her inner thigh, and she spreads her legs wider. Her wet heat beckons me closer, and I dig my fingers into her slick folds.

“So fucking hot,” I groan.

“Don’t stop,” she begs.

I laugh darkly. A horde of barbarians wouldn’t be able to tear me from her now. I tease her opening, feel the muscles clench with emptiness. This intimate, I can sense everything—her sweet scent, the tiny quivers of her flesh that say she is dying for what I can give her, and the shuddery breaths she takes to control herself.

Except I don’t want her in control. I want her out of her mind. I want her shattered.

I switch to the other breast and plunge two fingers into her.

She cries out, her inner muscles clutching the digits like her life depends on it. I give her time to adjust while I suckle her breast. It isn’t long before she’s rocking against me, needing me to move.

I leisurely work my fingers in and out, making sure to stimulate the front wall of her vagina, as my thumb circles around, and then over, her swollen clit. Her breath grows more jagged and rougher, the sounds in her throat primal and raw. She tightens her grip in my hair as though that will anchor her. I drive her ruthlessly, relentlessly until her body bows and jerks helplessly in climax.

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